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Free-to-play tank vs Tank Battle Game "World of Tanks Blitz" is now available on Nintendo Switch! Cross-platform support

基本プレイ無料の戦車vs戦車バトルゲーム「ワールド・オブ・タンクス・ブリッツ」がNintendo Switchに登場!クロスプラットフォームにも対応

Nintendo announced the third-person shooter " World of Tanks Blitz " for Nintendo Switch during the "Nintendo Direct mini Software Maker Lineup 2020.8" on Wednesday, August 26, 2020. The third-person shooter game "World of Tanks Blitz" will be released for Nintendo Switch!

7-on-7 tank battles!

World of Tanks Blitz" is a game in which players form teams of seven players each and aim for victory by destroying the enemy team's tanks and capturing their positions.
Teamwork is crucial to victory, as players must use the limited information they have on the battlefield to find the enemy's position.
Play with friends as a platoon, or join a "clan" formed in the game to conquer tournaments!
The Nintendo Switch version is cross-platform compatible with the smartphone and PC versions, so even if your friends are playing on different platforms, it doesn't matter!

Go to the battlefield with your friends!

Various tanks, customization elements, and a limited-time battle mode

Players can acquire more than 350 types of tanks through "tank research" and "premium tank purchases (for a fee)".
Find your "favorite tank" from among the historical models of tanks and the original tank s with unique designs!

ドイツの重戦車"Tiger II"
German heavy tank "Tiger II

Tanks are classified into four categories: " light tank s," which move quickly and are good at scouting; " medium tanks," which have a good balance of speed, armor, and firepower; " heavy tank s," which can withstand enemy shells and deliver a lethal blow; and "tank destroyers," which are good at sniping. The tanks are classified into four categories.
You can use the tank of your choice, or choose the type that best suits your style of play!

Unique Tank Customization

Pumpkin" accessory
Attachment "Bicycle

Tanks can be customized with paint and accessories.
Of course, the paint job is not limited to the standard camouflage patterns, and there are also humorous accessories such as Halloween pump kins and bicycles.

The limited-time mode takes place on the moon!

Even tanks can fly!

"World of Tanks Blitz" will be updated regularly, each time releasing new maps, new tanks, events with rare vehicles, and playful limited-time modes.
In the video shown at "Nintendo Direct mini Software Maker Lineup 2020.8," you can also see a special mode of combat in the low gravity of the moon's surface.

Now, to the battlefield!

The game is already available and can be downloaded for free from the My Nintendo Store product page.
In addition, a " Starter Kit " containing the "World of Tanks Blitz" in-game currency "Gold" and a "Premium Account" with various benefits will be available for purchase as an in-software item (for a fee). The " Welcome Package " is a one-time-only set that can only be purchased once .
For more information, please visit the Nintendo Switch version of "World of Tanks Blitz" product page or the official website.

Product Overview
Required Capacity 2.8GB
Number of players 1 to 14 players
Supported controllers Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
Save Data Storage Not supported
Saved data will be saved on the server managed by the software.
Platform Nintendo Switch
Manufacturer Wargaming Group
Genre Action / Strategy / Shooter / Other
Release Date Wednesday, August 26, 2020
Languages Japanese, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Rating CERO:A (For all ages)


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