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Tower of Fantasy" for PS5/PS4 is now available! A campaign to win a PS5 is also underway.

PS5/PS4版「Tower of Fantasy(幻塔)」が配信開始!PS5が当たるキャンペーンも開催中

Level Infinite's free-to-play open world multiplayer RPG " Tower of Fantasy " is finally available for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4! Now is the time to get started!

Tower of Fantasy is now available on PlayStation!

Tower of Fantasy, with its vast fields, attractive avatars, and exhilarating battles, is coming to PlayStation! The game has been available for download for PS5 and PS4 since August 8, 2023 (Tuesday)!

Cross-play and cross-progression between PS5/PS4 and PC/mobile versions are not supported. This means that if you start the PS5/PS4 version now, your progress will be the same as other players. Start now and you'll be ahead of your competitors!

Planet Ida and its beautiful cities


Tower of Fantasy takes place on the planet Ida. You can explore various areas such as the cyberpunk city "Mirapolis", the undersea world "Innis", and the Eastern magic world "Nine Realms".

Explore a vast field

Explore the field on a vehicle

Exploring the vast open world is not limited to walking. There are a variety of vehicle designs, including motorcycles, machine-like animals, and tanks. You can also go out with a friend on a two-seater jet ski or a mechanical camel.

Exhilarating real-time battles


Players choose from more than 30 different weapons to fight with. Don't forget to train daily as various monsters will appear in each area!

The PS5 version in particular supports stunning 4K graphics and the haptic feedback function of the DualSense wireless controller! You will be able to enjoy realistic combat.

A wide variety of avatars are also attractive!


In Tower of Fantasy, in addition to using a freely customized player character, players can also apply the appearance of avatars they have obtained. The actions differ greatly depending on the avatar, and the ease of use varies as well. There will always be an avatar with a look and usability you like, so find your favorite!

The official X (@TofPlayStation ) of Tower of Fantasy for PS5/PS4 is also running a campaign to celebrate the release, so don't forget to join us!


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115268PS5/PS4版「Tower of Fantasy(幻塔)」が配信開始!PS5が当たるキャンペーンも開催中
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