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1MORE PentaDriver P50" High-end Wired Earphones Review! Sound resolution is good! Wearability! Customizability!

高級有線イヤホン「1MORE ペンタドライバー P50」レビュー!音の解像度ヨシ!装着感ヨシ!カスタマイズ性ヨシ!

What kind of devices do you use when playing games or listening to music? In most cases, there are probably three broad categories: speaker, earphone, and headphone, which can be further classified as wired or wireless. Wireless earphones have become mainstream in the city and on trains, and some people who like to watch movies at home may have speakers placed in various places in their rooms. In this issue, we will review the " 1MORE PentaDriver P50 " wired earphones, which were just released on August 20, 2023 (Sunday)! This review was provided by 1MORE! Thanks again to 1MORE!

コンパクトサイズで就寝時の装着にも最適!1MOREのワイヤレスイヤホン「Comfobuds Mini」をレビュー!

Review of the "1MORE PentaDriver P50" high-end wired earphones!

Saiga NAK

The package is large, about 20cm x 15cm!

The package is large, about 20cm x 15cm. The body of "1MORE PentaDriver P50" weighs only about 21g, but it feels like 200-300g.

Hi-Res Audio
Hi-Res Audio
Saiga NAK

The "Hi-Res Audio" logo is on the bottom right of the package, which everyone loves. The 1MORE PentaDriver P50 has been certified as Hi-Res Audio by the Japan Audio Society.

Bronze clasp
Saiga NAK

The package clasp is bronze, giving it a luxurious feel. The box is well made, and the magnetic closure makes it suitable for small items.

Saiga NAK

Thank you for waiting. Open!

Saiga NAK

Next to the neatly stored "1MORE PentaDriver P50" is a sketch.

Saiga NAK

The ergonomic fit of the earphones, the high-quality MEMS microphone, the silver-plated oxygen-free copper cable, and other features of the "1MORE PentaDriver P50" are stylishly depicted.

The most notable feature is the 5-unit structure consisting of "diamond-like dynamic coils + 4 flat diaphragm units. This construction allows the P50 to capture and reproduce everything from the beat of a bass drum to the delicate highs of a vocalist.

Saiga NAK
  • 1MORE Drawstring
  • Brand card
  • 3.5mm stereo mini plug to USB Type-C conversion cable
  • Earpiece set
  • Instruction manual
  • Main body of earphone

So, the contents are as shown. The instruction manual is user-friendly and available in English, Chinese (simplified/traditional), Korean, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, and Russian.

Saiga NAK

Just the right size drawstring to hold one earphone. Luxury! It is not quite luxurious, but it has a nice sheen and pattern.

Ear piece set
Saiga NAK

When you buy a set of canal-type earphones, there are several earpieces of different sizes included. The "1MORE PentaDriver P50" is no exception, but there are many different types!

In addition to four types of silicone earpieces (14.3mm, 12.3mm, 11.0mm, and 10.6mm), three types of urethane foam earpieces (12.8mm, 12.0mm, and 11.0mm) are included. Generally, the silicone type is the most familiar, but the urethane type is also comfortable to wear and has good sound insulation properties, so it has its advantages and disadvantages. This is a nice set that allows you to try them out without having to buy the separately sold ones.

L-shaped plug
Saiga NAK

Especially when playing games on a smartphone, the plug part of the earphone gets in the way when you hold it horizontally. The cable that comes with the "1MORE PentaDriver P50" is L-shaped, so it doesn't get in the way, and the base is firm, so it seems to be highly durable.

I am very happy about this, as I once went to the trouble of buying a plug to convert it to an L-shaped plug.

Saiga NAK

The "1MORE" design is on the body. It is also lightly lame and stylish.

Microphone and remote control
Saiga NAK

A remote control with a built-in microphone is attached to the right ear. It can be used to turn the volume up and down, play music, and answer incoming calls.

Saiga NAK

The default connection method of "1MORE PentaDriver P50" is 3.5mm stereo mini plug, but there is a movement to abolish earphone jacks in recent smartphones... Of course, this has been taken into consideration, so there is no problem if you use the included conversion cable for USB Type-C connection!

MMCX connector
Saiga NAK

For those who are not particular about earphones, this may not be familiar to you, but "1MORE PentaDriver P50" uses an MMCX connector. The feature of this connector is that the main body of the earphone can be detached from the 3.5mm stereo mini plug that connects to the audio device. In the unlikely event of a cable breakage, the earphones can be reused by purchasing an MMCX-compatible cable! This is called re-cabling.

The "1MORE PentaDriver P50" is a high-end model, so the cables are first-class, but if you want even better sound quality, you can use MMCX-compatible cables! For those who want to further improve the sound quality, MMCX compatibility is also a great advantage. In the event of an accident such as disconnection, the cable can be "regenerated" at a much lower cost than purchasing a new cable.

Designed to be worn over the ear
Saiga NAK

As you may have noticed in the photos so far, the "1MORE PentaDriver P50" is designed to be worn over the ear (so-called "Sure Hanging"). The flexible cable has a shape-memory cover on the end, so it is difficult to put it on normally. This is not to say that it is impossible, but the weight of the cable makes it unstable.

Removing the earpiece
Saiga NAK

By the way, here is what the earpieces look like after removing them. The black and gold design gives a sense of luxury to the overall design.

Saiga NAK

When you put it on, it looks like this. The fit is excellent due to the well-calculated design. The passive noise canceling technology has succeeded in reducing noise by -28dB.

The earpieces are designed to be worn over the ear, so they will not fall out of the ear, and the use of earpieces of different sizes and types further enhances the wearing comfort. In particular, urethane earpieces fit the ear and are expected to improve sound insulation, so please try them out!

Volume control with the remote control
Saiga NAK

And the sound quality, which we are interested in, is of course perfect! (I know the comparison might make you angry.) Compared to the 700 yen earphones I had on hand, the difference is clear to the ear! You can feel as if there are more instruments and harmonies even in the songs you normally listen to.

The earphones themselves are very light at 21g including the cable, so you won't be bothered by them. Active noise canceling has become a house specialty of wireless earphones, but the passive noise canceling of the "1MORE PentaDriver P50" is also quite good. Combined with the performance of the earphones themselves, you can enjoy high-quality music anywhere.

For your information, USB connection is recommended for use with devices that support USB Type-C output, such as smartphones and PCs! I can't say for sure, as there are preferences, but in my opinion, I heard better with the digital USB connection. Especially the bass!

The 1MORE PentaDriver P50 is sold exclusively online!

Also available for the Switch!
Saiga NAK

So, that's my review of the "1MORE PentaDriver P50"! Wearing over-ear headphones that cover your ears while playing games for long periods of time can cause pain on the top of your head, which supports the weight of the headphones, and can also make your ears feel stuffy and uncomfortable. In this respect, the earphones are very lightweight and easy to put on and take off, making them very comfortable to use. They are also compatible with re-cabling, so you can use them for a long time at a lower cost than buying new ones.

The 1MORE PentaDriver P50 will be available exclusively online at Amazon.co.jp andRakuten Ichiba from Sunday, August 20, 2023. The price is 23,999 yen (tax included)!

Product Outline
Model EH904
Product weight (including cable) 21g
Cable length 1.25m
Cable Material Silver-plated oxygen-free copper cable
In-line control, microphone Yes
Plug type 3.5mm gold plated
Frequency range 20 to 40,000Hz
Speaker impedance 32Ω
Earphone Sensitivity 105dB
Rated Power 5mW


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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