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The ASUS RT-AC87U is rumored to be the fastest router on the market!

The ASUS RT-AC87U is rumored to be the fastest router on the market!

In the last issue of Fangler, we purchased and reviewed the ASUS PB287Q 4K monitor.
This time, we purchased ASUS RT-AC87U, which is said to be the most powerful router from ASUS.

The front of the box

ASUS RT-AC87U 外箱の様子Saiga NAK

The ASUS RT-AC87U is equipped with four antennas for transmission and reception, and has a maximum transmission speed of 1734Mbps, according to the standard.
With four antennas, that means 433Mbps x 4 = 1732Mbps (theoretical value). This is an amazing speed that is comparable to a wired system....
Incidentally, our environment before installation was 2.1Mbps uplink and 33.2Mbps downlink.
Now let's open the box!

The side of the box

ASUS RT-AC87U 外箱の側面Saiga NAK

On the side of the box, there is a list of specifications.
Naturally, there are no problems even in an environment like ours where both Windows and Mac OS are used, and IPv6 is also supported.
Since it is compatible with IPv6, we will not have to replace it when IPv6 becomes common in the future.

It comes with four antennas that look like weapons...

ASUS RT-AC87U ソリッドなアンテナSaiga NAK

When we opened the package, we found four antennas with a very solid design.
As described later, these antennas are directional and can send radio waves to distant locations with pinpoint accuracy.

Wiring on the back

ASUS RT-AC87U 本体の背面Saiga NAK

On the rear panel, there is one USB 2.0 port, a WAN port, four LAN ports, a power port, a power switch, a reset button, and a WPS button.
The USB port can be used as a printer server by connecting a printer, or as a NAS by connecting an external HDD.

When connected, the speed improves by a factor of 32.5!


At first glance, the exterior of the router looks like a weapon of some kind.
Anyway, it is different from conventional routers! The manufacturer's desire to be different from conventional routers is clearly evident from the exterior of the router.

Directional antennas for efficient radio communication

The four antennas can be adjusted in three positions: 0 degrees (horizontal), 45 degrees, and 90 degrees (vertical), and by using Ai Radar (beamforming function), it is said to enable more precise and efficient radio communication.
When we connected to the 5GHz band and measured the speed, we found that the uplink speed was 68.37Mbps and the downlink speed was 65.28Mbps, a significant improvement.
The uplink speed was 32.5 times faster than our previous environment...!
In addition, the unit's operation has been stable since installation, and there have been no significant fluctuations in communication speed.

Equipped with security features

The RT-AC87U is equipped with the AiProtection function, which is a security feature built into the device itself.
The AiProtection function is commonly referred to as the "Trend Micro Smart Home Network," as quoted below.

"Trend Micro Smart Home Network" is a security technology that uses the Internet via the relevant home gateway without installing security software on devices in the home, such as PCs, smartphones, tablets, and game consoles. The security technology is designed to protect the devices.

Trend Micro

This function is a security designed based on Trend Micro's latest policy, and it intercepts communication when such information is found in a packet based on information accumulated from past analysis and research.
The ability to configure the router to apply multiple security measures in conjunction with devices and PCs is highly reassuring, and the ability to compensate for what is lacking on the device side alone is very reassuring.

If you are looking for a high-speed router, this is the one for you!

The RT-AC87U is an all-in-one router with a variety of features and specifications that are not lacking. If you are looking for a faster network, this may be one of the best answers for you at this time.

Product Specifications
Wireless LAN function Supported standards: IEEE802.11ac, IEEE802.11n, IEEE802.11a, IEEE802.11g, IEEE802.11b
Built-in Antenna SPI, DoS protection, port filtering, URL filtering, network service filtering, parental control
Supported standards 1000BASE-T(IEEE802.3ab), 100BASE-TX(IEEE802.3u), 10BASE-T(IEEE802.3)
Power supply AC100V to 240V (50Hz to 60Hz)
Onboard memory 512MB DDR3 memory (256MB x 2) + 128MB flash memory
AC adapter specifications 19V (Max. 2.37A)
Supported OS Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/2000/ME/XP, Windows Server 2008/2003,
OS X 10.8/10.7/10.6/10.5/10.4/10.1, Linux, Ubuntu
Dimensions Width 289.5 mm × Depth 167.6 mm × Height 47.5 mm
Weight 747g


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