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Dangbei reviews the Mars Pro, a 4K-capable home projector with up to 200-inch projection! High-end model that delivers top performance day and night

Dangbei、最大200インチ投射の4K対応ホームプロジェクター「Mars Pro」をレビュー!昼夜問わず最高のパフォーマンスを発揮するハイエンドモデル

What kind of environment do you usually use to play games? Thanks to the development of gaming monitors by various companies, monitors with FHD resolution, low latency, and high refresh rate are now available at affordable prices. Next-generation consoles such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are designed for an immersive gaming experience with 4K display and ray tracing support. In PCs, ultra-high-performance GPUs such as the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series have been introduced, and the trend toward higher image quality in games continues unabated. Recently, more and more users are enjoying dramas and movies on various video streaming services, and large-screen TVs are attracting renewed attention. If you are looking for high resolution, you want to enjoy it on a large screen where you can make the most of it. For those of you who want to enjoy your movies on a large screen, we recommend a " projector! This time, we had a chance to try out Dangbei'sMars Pro, a 4K-compatible home projector that can project up to 200 inches!

Dangbei's 4K projector "Mars Pro

Mars Pro
Mars Pro
Saiga NAK

Dangbei's 4K projector "Mars Pro"

iF Design Award 2021


Design Award 2021
Saiga NAK


The big, bulky outer box
Saiga NAK


Mars Pro" appears in a rather large box.

The distinctive design of the outer box
Saiga NAK

The box is very distinctive, so let's find out how to open it first.



Saiga NAK

Pulling it all the way out the top...



Saiga NAK

Open! The cushioning material is also very tight so as not to damage the main unit.

Hello Mars Pro
Hello Mars Pro
Saiga NAK

Here is the main unit of "Mars Pro"! It is smaller than the box, but still measures 24.5 cm (W) x 20.8 cm (D) x 17.3 cm (H). It weighs 4.53 kg, about the same as the regular PS5.

Saiga NAK

In addition to the "Mars Pro" itself...

  • Power plug 180W (18V/10A)
  • Power cord
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • User's manual
  • Fiber cloth
  • Washer

... was included in the package.

Saiga NAK

The design of the unit looks like this. On the front is the sensor and lens. On the back...

  • Headphone x 1
  • USB 2.0 x 2
  • HDMI eARC x 1
  • HDMI x 1
  • S/PDIF x 1
  • LAN x 1
  • Power supply ×1

Input/output terminals are provided. A mesh cover supports heat exhaust and speaker audio output.

電源ポチッSaiga NAK

Let's get started! Plug in the cord and click the power button on the top of the main unit! By the way, it is touch-sensitive.

映ったSaiga NAK

It glows! It works! The fluorescent light is on in a sunny conference room, but the image is quite clear. I would like you to see it with your naked eye....

Please be careful not to look directly at the light source when using this product.

Saiga NAK

The bottom of the unit has screw holes for the stand and four extendable legs. In this photo, the unit is adjusted upward by slightly extending the two front legs.

Installed at an angle
Saiga NAK

Projectors are usually projected on a wide wall or screen, but you may have trouble finding a place to install the main unit, especially at home. Mars Pro" can be used in such situations where the projector cannot be placed in front of the screen!

It supports plus/minus 40 degree trapezoidal correction...

Oblique projection
Saiga NAK

This is...



Saiga NAK

...like this!

Of course I'm shooting from the same location. If the unit is slightly skewed, it will be corrected in a matter of 5 to 10 seconds and you can watch it with beautiful balance!

Image quality settings
Saiga NAK

From here, I'm going to dim the lights in the conference room and try a few things.

Select "Photos" from the settings and set the picture quality. There is some suspicious Japanese here and there, but I think the motion compensation is the frame rate. I will guess.



Settings Saiga NAK

In picture mode, you can set the picture quality from several presets. If you select "Customize"...

  • Brightness
  • contrast
  • Saturation
  • Sharpness
  • hue

Hue, etc. can be freely set.

デモ映像とMars ProSaiga NAK

The beauty of the image is obvious when a demo video is played. The high resolution allows for detailed rendering even on a large screen.

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch
Saiga NAK

Since this is an e-sports media, we connected a Nintendo Switch. The "Mars Pro" has dual 10W speakers with sound coming from the device itself when connected via HDMI. Dolby Audio and DTS-HD Master Audio are also supported.

Game Mode On
Saiga NAK

Don't forget to activate Game Mode in the settings when playing games! Low latency of 20ms allows for stress-free play!

Fight of Animals
Fight of Animals
Saiga NAK

I actually compared Game Mode on and off and it makes a difference that anyone can feel.

Now that we have tried it out, the real value of "Mars Pro" starts here. Let's see how it works with projection screen sizes from 40 to 200 inches!

About 90 inches
Saiga NAK

The tallest member of the editorial team, standing at 185 cm, is lined up in front of us. His hobby is soccer.

This is about 90 inches. The distance between the "Mars Pro" and the wall is about 2.5m.

about 160 inches
Saiga NAK

And this is about 160 inches! The distance between "Mars Pro" and the wall is about 4.2m.

Unfortunately, we could not project the maximum size of 200 inches due to the lack of wall space, but the picture quality did not deteriorate even when the screen was enlarged!

The slow ratio of the "Mars Pro" is 1.27:1, so the relationship between projection distance and screen size is...

  • 80 inches at about 2.2m
  • 100" at approx. 2.8m
  • 150 inches at approx. 4.2m
  • 200 inches at approx. 5.2m

and so on.

Turn on auto avoidance from settings trapezoid correction
Saiga NAK

However, you have to be creative about where you place the unit, especially if you are using it in your home. This may require you to change the layout of your furniture, and in some cases, you may have to move the unit every time you use it. Mars Pro" covers such labor! It is equipped with "Intelligent Screen Fit" and "Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance" functions that automatically recognize objects in the projection screen and adjust the screen size!

Saiga NAK

As it is, chairs and people are in the way...

screen avoided!
Saiga NAK

Smart! It projects at maximum size while avoiding obstacles.

If you are using it at home, it may be difficult to secure the projection distance, so you may find the best setting by projecting from the maximum distance for now and then reducing the screen size. Of course, you can also set it manually!

Real Blink and You'll Be Killed
Saiga NAK

Dangbei's "Mars Pro" can be purchased from Amazon.co.jp and other e-commerce sites! It is a bit pricey, but the high reviews confirm its good performance.

Dangbei also offers many other products, such as the " Emotn N1," a full HD projector with a maximum size of 120 inches, and the " Dangbei Neo," an all-in-one mini projector with an official Netflix license. Start your projector life by choosing the product that best suits your needs and budget!

Product Overview
Name Mars Pro
Brightness 3,200 (ANSI lumens)
Light Source Laser
Light Source Lifetime 30,000 hours
Resolution 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
Supported formats HDR 10 / HLG
Power Consumption 150W
Slow Ratio 1.27:1
Image Size 40" to 200
Auto Focus Function Yes, ToF method
Auto Trapezoidal Correction Function Yes, plus or minus 40 degrees
Storage device 128GB eMMC5.1
OS Dangbei Smart OS


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