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Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Ammeltz x Strike II Collaboration! Special packaged "Ammeltz Gold EX" will keep you from losing!


The Street Fighter series celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2022. Street Fighter II (hereafter referred to as "Strike II") is a timeless masterpiece that caused a huge boom and is etched in the history of video games. The enemies of Street Fighter II are Sagat and M. Bison, but what about the enemies of gamers? Yes, stiff shoulders and tendonitis. The editorial department of Saiga NAK, which is full of fighting gamers, received a package of " Ammeltz Gold EX " from Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals! What's wrong with the packaging?

Shoryuken! Ammeltz in a package that looks like a dragon fist!

Ammeltz Gold EX
Saiga NAK

The members of the Saiga NAK editorial staff, many of whom are fighting gamers themselves, strain their shoulders, wrists, and lower backs by writing for long hours. The man who saves them is, after all, this man. Ryu!

Through the Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals Ammeltz x Capcom Street Fighter II collaboration in August 2022, two products, Ammeltz Gold EX and Ammeltz Gold EX NEO, are being sold in limited quantities in special packages!

Special Package
Saiga NAK

Ryu is printed not only on the outer box but also on the main body of Ammeltz. He may have painted his face with Ammeltz, but he looks very proud of his victory.

A gamer's delight!
Saiga NAK

When we put the Ammeltz Gold EX in the break area of the Saiga NAK editorial office, fighting gamers were immediately attracted to it...

Defeated by Guile
Saiga NAK

A member of the Saiga NAK editorial staff is defeated by Guile. My blade cuts through everything. Even your Hadoken.

Applying Ammertz.
Saiga NAK

Apparently not wanting to admit defeat, he applies Ammeltz and tries again. The command for applying Ammeltz is 6464! One rotation is also possible.

Vacuum Hadoken!
Saiga NAK

Ryu's vacuum Hadoken is in full effect! There are no gaps in the command input. Is this thanks to the Ammeltz...?

Unintentional gut-punch!
Saiga NAK

He was as seamless as ever. I must be diligent too.

Physical discomfort is something that people with desk jobs, as well as those who play games on smartphones and other devices, cannot ignore. Ammeltz Gold EX has...

  • Shoulder pain associated with stiff shoulders
  • Muscle pain
  • Back pain
  • Joint pain
  • Tendonitis (pain and swelling in hands, wrists, and ankles)
  • Elbow pain (tennis elbow, etc.)
  • Bruises
  • Sprains

...and many more! This collaboration was made possible by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's wish to make the generation that was crazy about Strike II at the time, as well as the younger generation who are enthusiastic about e-sports, aware of Ammeltz, and to encourage them to start taking measures against body aches and pains. For more information on the product and the collaboration, please visit the official Kobayashi Pharmaceutical website! Observe the dosage of 2-4 times a day, and have a fun gaming life!


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