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Collaboration with KURAND of sake gacha! I drank the 30th anniversary sake "Blade Fang -BAKI-"!

酒ガチャのKURANDとコラボ!刃牙30周年記念酒「刃牙 -BAKI-」を飲んでみたッッ!

BAKI" sake, a collaboration sake to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the popular "Baki" manga series, which has sold over 85 million copies in total, is now on sale!

We have received this sake from Kurando Corporation, which operates the online sake store "Kurando ", well-known for its sake gacha! Thank you very much!

Review of "BAKI

BAKI" outer box
Saiga NAK編集部

The outer box has a red-based design with Baki in the center and a fan-selected famous scene in the background.
When you look at it, it brings back the story of that moment.

After drinking up the sake, it is good to display it for ornamental purposes.

BAKI" outer box and bottle
Saiga NAK編集部

The bottle itself has a normal appearance, but the red label is a nice accent.

The alcohol content of sake is said to be around 15%, but this "BAKI" has a higher alcohol content of 20%.

Sharp, sharp, and super dry!


As a lover of dry sake, I was excited to see how high the alcohol content would be.

Pour "BAKI" into a glass.
Saiga NAK編集部

When I poured it into a glass, it still looked like ordinary sake.

A picture is worth a thousand words, a hundred words are worth a thousand touches.


I had no choice but to drink it and find out for myself!

Cheers to "BAKI"!
Saiga NAK編集部

In today's Japan, there is a trend that herbivorous men are becoming more and more powerful, but there must still be many men who yearn for a strong and cool man like Baki.
I, too, have been working out at a training gym to keep up with the trend.

The men of the editorial department of Saiga NAK have gathered together to drink a toast to becoming a man and a Han!

Be strong, all males!


As I take a sip, I can feel it running through my body.
The strength of the 20% alcohol content is indeed great, and you can feel the power of the drink.
Of course, the taste is strong, but it is also refreshing and easy to drink, so I downed the first sip in no time.

However, if I continue drinking it, I might lose...

BAKI" and Yakitori
Saiga NAK編集部

We chose yakitori this time because it goes well with rich food.
Drinking "BAKI" after eating yakitori washes away the strong taste and fat and leaves your mouth feeling refreshed.
It is recommended for yakitori with sauce rather than salt-flavored yakitori.

BAKI" and snacks
Saiga NAK編集部

We also chose other snacks with strong flavors such as Karaage-kun, Kratz, Jagariko, Karpas, Sakika, and Takoyaki (octopus balls).
The official recommendation says kebabs and vanilla soft serve ice cream are recommended, so I am concerned about combining that with the food as well.

I thought it would be okay if it was paired with food, so I continued drinking one after the other, and before I knew it, the bottle was empty...
I found that the bottle was empty... and I slowly started to get drunk later on.
I think it is better to drink it slowly and savor it.

Make your reservations early!

BAKI" is now available for pre-order at the online sake store "KURAND". The price is 5,000 yen (tax included) for a 720 ml bottle.
The quantity is limited and very popular, so be sure to purchase early! For those who can't afford it, we also recommend the "Ogre" which comes with a logo rock glass, so be sure to check that out as well!

This is a great sake for both fans of the fangirls and those looking for a punchy sake.

If you want to be strong, take it!



Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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Serialization of "GURAPPURA blade tusk" starts at 1991 by a week boy champion. After that "BAKI"-> "model horse blade tusk"->