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"Eh!! Enadori without caffeine?! I drank the new flavor "RAIZIN SWEETY RED" of "Na Energy Drink "RAIZIN"!

「えっ!!カフェインなしでエナドリを?!」なエナジードリンク「RAIZIN」の新フレーバー「RAIZIN SWEETY RED」を飲んだ!

One of the most indispensable things when playing games is an energy drink.
When most people hear what is contained in energy drinks, they probably imagine a lot of sugar and a lot of caffeine.
I drink energy drinks every day because they are tasty and refreshing, but I am about to have a medical checkup soon, and I am thinking that I need to rethink this habit.
In fact, I have recently developed a tummy... I don't want to admit it, so let's keep it under wraps.
However, it is also true that if I don't drink energy drinks, I can't get motivated to play games.
That's where RAIZIN SWEETY RED comes in!

実はカフェインレスのエナドリ「RAIZIN」の新フレーバー「RAIZIN SWEETY RED」発表!

How does this zero caffeine energy drink work?

RAIZIN " is an energy drink with zero caffeine, zero calories, and zero sugar.
Although it claims to be an energy drink, it has zero caffeine, so I have to admit that I have my doubts about its effectiveness as an energy drink.
(Will it be a lifesaver for my health-conscious self (since I have a medical checkup coming up)?
We shall find out!

カフェイン不使用を表す"CAFFEINE FREE"
CAFFEINE FREE" indicates that the product is caffeine-free.
Saiga NAK

The words " CAFFEINE FREE " are written on the red can, which reminds me of sweet strawberry flavor.

Enextra 150mg equivalent
Saiga NAK

What is of interest is the 1035 mg of galangal extract ( equivalent to 150 mg of enextra).
It contains the new functional ingredient " enXtra " as a substitute for caffeine.

energy drink感のない香り
The aroma is not like an energy drink.
Saiga NAK

The aroma is just like strawberry juice, without the strong smell of energy drinks.
I prefer it without the strong smell of energy drink. So, +1 point!

PUBG lover man with a reputation for drinking.
Saiga NAK

Let's drink it right away.

Tastes like it's not to everyone's liking.
Saiga NAK

It tastes quite peculiar, but I personally like it!
If you think of it as a strawberry cider with a unique world view, you can drink it without feeling uncomfortable.
The key is the energy, but it comes with a surprisingly strong kick!
After drinking it, you will feel a menthol-like chill, which may be perfect for hot weather.
If you ask me, "Does it live up to my expectations as an energy drink? If you ask me, I would say " totally yes! I would say yes!

Recommended for those who are looking for a healthy energy drink!

Saiga NAK

This is my review of RAIZIN SWEETY RED!
I like the fact that it contains no sugar, caffeine, or any other ingredients that could cause overconsumption, so I can drink it with peace of mind.
My tummy is getting more and more assertive, but if I switch to "RAIZIN", I may be able to control its growth for the time being...?
If you want a healthy energy drink, give it a try!
For more information on RAIZIN, please visit Otsuka Pharmaceutical's RAIZIN product page!


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