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I played "YuruGeGeSanpo" at Kitaro's favorite sacred place "Kitaro Chaya"!


Ponos Corporation's " Yuru Ge gege," a slapstick yokai tower defense game for smartphones with cute "Gegege no Kitaro" characters designed in a loose style, is now available in "Yuru Gegege: Yuru Gegege no Kitaro Yokai Dotabata Taisen " (Loose Gegege: Specter Tower Defense).
Have you already touched "Yuru Gegege Sanpo" and "Gegege History" which were added in the " biggest update in Yuru Gegege history " on July 14, 2020 (Tuesday)?
YuruGeGeGeSanpo," which uses location-based services, is a fun way to take a stroll and get rid of the lack of exercise!
So, I tried "Yurugegege Sanpo" right away!

ゆるゲゲが大型アップデート!新コンテンツ「ゆるゲゲさんぽ」と アニメをモチーフにした「ゲゲゲ史」を実装!

To the "Kitaro Teahouse," a sacred place for Kitaro!

Since we were going to play the game, we thought it would be a good idea to play somewhere related to "Gegege no Kitaro," so we decided to play around " Kitaro T eahouse," one of the sacred places for Kitaro fans!
Kitaro Teahouse is a cafe, or rather, a teahouse, located in Jindaiji, Chofu City, Tokyo, the second hometown of Shigeru Mizuki.

Kitaro Teahouse

Located in front of Jindaiji Temple, one of the most lush green areas in Tokyo, the 40-year-old wooden structure "Kitaro Teahouse" is a place where you can feel " coexistence with nature," which is the underlying theme of "GeGeGe no Kitaro.
As a teahouse, there is of course a " Yokai Cafe " where you can enjoy original yokai menus, a " Yokai Shop Gegege no Mori " laid out like a candy shop with limited-edition goods that can only be found here, and a "Yokai Gallery" where you can feel the world of Shigeru Mizuki. The "Yokai Gallery " is a place where you can experience the world of Shigeru Mizuki and enjoy "GeGeGeGe no Kitaro" to your heart's content.

Reservations are now required, so be sure to make a reservation before you visit!
For details and reservations, please visit the official "Kitaro Teahouse" website!

I met a lot of yokai when I took the "Yurugege Sanpo" tour!

Arrival at Kitaro Teahouse

We arrived at the "Kitaro Teahouse" without incident! After being greeted by Kitaro and Nezumi Otoko, you can start playing "YuruGeGeGeSanpo" right away !

YuruGeGeGe home screen

Tap the " Walk " button on the new home screen to start "YuruGeGeGeSanpo"!
After a while, " Gashadoro " and " Kijimuna " appear around Kitaro's teahouse! This is indeed a sacred place for Kitaro fans!


I was distracted by the size of the "Gasha Doro," but Kitaro also appeared secretly at the edge of the screen.
The game's system requires you to tap the map every time they appear, which is unavoidable!
It was fun to see so many different yokai, and I ended up taking a longer walk than I had planned.


Take a break at "Kitaro Teahouse" when you get tired of walking!

When you are tired after walking a lot, we recommend taking a break at the "Yokai Cafe" in "Kitaro Teahouse" and reviewing the day's walk.
When the weather gets hotter from now on, it is a good idea to enjoy the " Ichikan Momen no Teahouse Sundae," which has a lovely, soft, agar-agar-like texture.

Ichikan Momen no Teahouse Sundae

When yokai appear on the actual map, it makes me think that the world we see now is not all there is, and that there may actually be a variety of yokai lurking around us at this very moment...? It makes me think that there might actually be a variety of yokai lurking around us at this very moment!
How about opening the door to the invisible world through "YURUGEGEGE SANPO" when you take a short walk this summer?
For more information about "Yuru Gegege" or "Yuru Gegege no Kitaro: Specter Slapstick War", please visit the <a href="https://yurukita-game.com/ rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">official website</a> for more information! </p>


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