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The second championship of the world tournament "Apex Legends Global Series" with a prize money of 2 million dollars will be distributed from July 8, Japan time!

賞金総額200万ドルをかけた世界大会「Apex Legends Global Series」の第二回チャンピオンシップが日本時間7月8日から配信決定!

RAGE, one of the largest e-sports entertainment companies in Japan operated by CyberZ, Avex Entertainment, Inc. and TV Asahi, will host the championship of the "Apex Legends Global Series" (ALGS), a world-class battle royale shooting game "Apex Legends" hosted by Electronic Arts, Inc. The championship of the "Apex Legends Global Series " (ALGS), a world championship of the battle royal shooting game "Apex Legends" hosted by Electronic Arts, will be broadcast on YouTube and Twitch from Friday, July 8 (Japan time ).
The tournament will be held at the PCN Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, and tickets are now on sale through Ticketmaster.

Total prize money of US$2,000,000! 9 teams from APAC North!

ALGS Year 2 Championship
ALGS Year 2 Championship

The " ALGS " e-sports tournament to determine the world's best of the popular "Apex Legends" Battlow game.
This year's tournament, the second in two years, will bring together 40 of the world's top teams from among thousands of teams from over 75 countries and regions that have spent a year competing in the Challenger Circuit and the inaugural Pro League.
The Global Champions will be crowned!
Of these 40 teams, 9 teams from APAC North, including Japan, will participate!
We hope they will be crowned champions!


  • Team UNITE
  • aD
  • GameWith
  • DetonatioN Gaming
  • FOR7
  • Crazy Raccoon

The Championship will consist of a six-match group stage series played over the first two days to determine each team's position at the start of the bracket stage.
The top 20 teams in the double-elimination bracket (a tournament in which teams must lose twice to advance) will advance to the finals.
In the finals, a single series of match point system will be played to determine the Global Champion.
For more information on the tournament, please visit the official ALGS website!

ALGS Year 2 Championship" Schedule

  • July 8 (Fri.) 2:00 AM Japan time: Group Stage A vs.
  • July 8 (Fri.) 7:15 AM (JST): Group Stage A vs.
  • July 9 (Sat) 2:00 AM Japan Time: Group Stage A vs.
  • July 9 (Sat) 7:15 AM (JST): Bracket Stage Losers - Round 1
  • July 10 (Sun) 2:00 AM Japan Time: Bracket Stage Winners Bracket
  • July 10 (Sun) 7:15 AM (JST): Bracket Stage Losers - Round 2
  • July 11 (Mon) 6:00 AM Japan Time: Finals Match Point Finals

Streaming will be available on YouTube and Twitch.
It will be broadcast from late at night to early in the morning, so you will have to turn your day and night around to watch it all, but if you get up early enough, it will be manageable!
So, watch it and cheer for the Japanese teams!

Follow & RT Campaign to Commemorate the ALGS Championship!

フォロー&RTキャンペンーンPR TIMES

To celebrate the ALGS Championship, we are running a Follow & RT Campaign for one lucky winner to win a " Lenovo Legion 560i " gaming notebook computer!
Entries will be accepted until July 6, 2022 (Thursday) at 23:59!
Let's enjoy "Apex Legends" with the best laptop!

How to enter

Simply retweet the post and follow all of the following accounts!
Why don't you apply for the prize?


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32468賞金総額200万ドルをかけた世界大会「Apex Legends Global Series」の第二回チャンピオンシップが日本時間7月8日から配信決定!
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"TZ GAME Labs" will hold the "Apex Legends" tournament worth 500,000 yen in total prize money for the first time! "TZ CUP" Participating Teams are now being recruited!
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The "Apex Legends" tournament with a total prize money of 500,000 yen, including the supplementary prize, will be held for the first time under the sp

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