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Competition for corporate esports club "cogme cup #4 Apex Legends" will be held!

企業eスポーツ部向け大会「cogme cup #4 Apex Legends」開催決定!

April Knights, Inc., which develops the " cogme " brand for adult gamers, announced that it will hold the " cogme cup," a tournament for corporate e-sports clubs.
The "cogme cup" is a regular tournament for corporate e-sports clubs, and the 4th edition will be held at "Apex Legends".

"cogme cup #4 Apex Legends" will be held!

cogme cup #4 Apex LegendsPR TIMES

The "cogme cup #4 Apex Legends" will be held with a total of 40 teams (corporate e-sports clubs).

On the following day, the top 10 teams from each block will qualify for the cogme cup #4 main tournament, which will be broadcast live.



The application period is from Friday, April 8 to Sunday, May 8, and the preliminary round will start at 20:00 on Sunday, May 22.
In addition, the competition practice session will be held on Saturday, May 21 at 20:00.
Only the cogme cup #4 main tournament, in which only the top 10 teams from each block can compete, will be livestreamed on May 28.

What is "cogme cup"?

  • Participation by corporate e-sports clubs
  • Regular competitions of various game titles
  • Both online and offline competitions
  • Only with the permission of game publishers

April Knights Inc. is developing "cogme cup", an e-sports tournament for corporate e-sports clubs with the above elements.
The cogme management team supports the establishment of "corporate e-sports clubs" to revitalize the gaming culture and e-sports activities of companies and working people, and the "cogme cup" is an e-sports tournament for corporate e-sports clubs to "demonstrate the results of their daily practice" and "show off their skills". The "cogme cup" was held as a place to present the results of the competition in order to solve the problems that many corporate e-sports clubs have, such as "wanting to demonstrate the results of daily practice" " "wanting a goal in daily activities" and "maintaining motivation.

Live Streaming of the competition

eスポーツキャスター"abara"・DONUTS USG所属のストリーマー"ぜかす"PR TIMES

The cogme cup #4 will be live-streamed on May 28, 2022 from 18:00 on April Knights Channel!
The tournament will be broadcast live by e-sports caster "abara" and commentary will be provided by streamer "zekas" from DONUTS USG!
Also, throughout the tournament, there will be many exciting contents for both participants and viewers, such as gorgeous prizes for the top winners and interactions between companies, so please look forward to it!


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32468企業eスポーツ部向け大会「cogme cup #4 Apex Legends」開催決定!
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