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DreameBot X30 Ultra, a Fully Automated Robot Vacuum Cleaner, is Now Available on MakuMake

至高の“X”時代へ、さらに進化した全自動ロボット掃除機「DreameBot X30 Ultra」がMakuakeに登場

Today's society is too busy. I am sure you are all busy with work, hobbies, housework, etc., but since a day is still a 24-hour period, there is a limit to what you can do. However, there is a limit to what we can do! Even in the midst of your busy schedule, if you don't clean, dust and debris will just accumulate. There will be no natural solution. In such a case, how about throwing everything to the robots? This time, we visited the new product launch of Dreame, a much talked-about brand of smart home appliances that landed in Japan in June 2023, and asked them about their latest fully automatic robot vacuum cleaner, the DreameBot X30 Ultra!

DreameBot X30 Ultra, a 6-way, high-end, fully automatic robot vacuum cleaner

More than 100 products in over 15 categories
Saiga NAK

The "DreameBot X30 Ultra" new product experience event was held at a certain location in Tokyo. First, Ms. Ryoko Takano, President of Dreame Technology Japan, took the stage and gave an overview of Dreame.

Dreame was launched in 2015 as an intramural organization of Seika University, and since its establishment in 2017, it has rapidly expanded its scale. The company has invested aggressively in R&D, obtaining 2,345 patents (as of February 2024), and has developed more than 100 products, including vacuum cleaners that utilize high-speed digital motor technology.

Dreame Hair Glory


Hair Glory
Saiga NAK

The company sells its products in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and has achieved the TOP 1 share of the robot vacuum cleaner market in Germany and Italy. The company began full-scale development in Japan in June 2023, and in December 2023, began selling Dreame Hair Glory, a hair dryer that utilizes high-speed digital motor technology, in Japan.

The era is still "X


Saiga NAK

Next, Mr. Masaki Ishizuka, General Manager of Sales Division, Dreame Technology Japan K.K., explained the new products. The "DreameBot X30 Ultra" base station is a 6-way fully automated system.

  • Automatic trash collection (up to 80 days)
  • Hot water cleaning of mops
  • Automatic base station cleaning
  • Hot air drying of mops
  • Vacuuming & wiping with water
  • Automatic detergent loading


Innovative Technologies
Saiga NAK

The DreameBot X30 Ultra features three new innovations. Mop Extend," which extends the mop to reach walls that are incompatible with the robot's rounded shape; "Automatic Mop Removal," which prevents mops used for wiping floors from touching long-haired carpets; and "Automatic Mop Cleaning," which automatically cleans mops and washboards with warm water at 60°C (140°F). Dreame's never-ending quest for improvement never ceases to amaze me.

The industry's first "Hair Cutting Brush"
Saiga NAK

I personally like the "Hair Cutting Brush," the first of its kind in the industry. It's a major concern for users that the vacuum cleaner is working but is noticeably dirty... and then the hair gets tangled in the brushes, compromising the vacuum's suction power. The DreameBot X30 Ultra can be equipped with a hair-cutting brush (sold separately, currently not available separately).

Carpets are not damaged


Saiga NAK

The jagged internal cutter cuts only the hair without damaging the carpet. It fulfills the ideal of a fully automatic robot vacuum cleaner, which is to reduce manual maintenance to an absolute minimum.

DreameBot X30 Ultra
DreameBot X30 Ultra


X30 Ultra
Saiga NAK

The base station and body of the DreameBot X30 Ultra look like this. It's a sleek and chic design.

Mirei Kim
Saiga NAK

Next, Ms. Mirei Kim, Manager of Project Promotion Division/Global Team, Makuake Co. She gave an overview of the " Makuake " support purchase service.

"Makuake" data
Saiga NAK

Makuake " is a support purchase service that supports many projects such as gaming devices and portable gaming PCs. On average, 30-50 projects are launched every day, and it is interesting just to look at the new projects.

キヤノンMJ、自分の声も周囲の音も減音してくれるマスク型デバイス「Privacy Talk」を10月31日からMakuakeで先行販売
Dreameの2023年ハイライト Dreame's
2023 Highlights
Saiga NAK

The last speaker was Mr. Hirotsugu Mitani, President of CFD Sales Company, Dreame's authorized distributor in Japan. In Japan, the first models were rolled out around February 2023, and full-scale introduction of products began in June 2023. The "DreameBot L20 Ultra Complete," a high-end model, has been selling particularly well, and overall sales are increasing steadily.

Special price

on Makuake

Saiga NAK

The DreameBot X30 Ultra will be available for pre-order on "Makuake" from March 27, 2024 (Wednesday )! The estimated price is 239,800 yen (including tax), but you can get it at a discount of up to 39% off!

Normal price

  • DreameBot X30 Ultra only: 239,800 yen (tax included)
  • DreameBot X30 Ultra + Hair Cutting Brush: 245,300 yen (tax included)
  • DreameBot X30 Ultra body + accessory kit + hair-cutting brush: 252,300 yen (tax included)

Makuake" Super-Early Bird's-Eye Discount Price

  • DreameBot X30 Ultra body only: 149,999 yen (tax included)
  • DreameBot X30 Ultra body + hair cut brush: 152,000 yen (tax included)
  • DreameBot X30 Ultra body + accessory kit + hair-cutting brush: 153,900 yen (tax included)
"DreameBot X30 Ultra"
"DreameBot X30 Ultra"
Saiga NAK

The "DreameBot X30 Ultra Body + Accessory Kit + Hair Cutting Brush" is available at a discount of about 100,000 yen...

  • Mop pad x 2
  • Paper pack x 2
  • Side brush x 1
  • Special floor cleaner ×1
  • Power cord ×1
  • Cleaning tool ×1
  • Product instruction manual × 1
  • Rubber brush x 1
  • Paper pack × 2
  • Mop pad × 3 sets
  • Filter x 2
  • Side brush × 2

Includes: (1) mop pad (2) side brush (2) Considering maintenance and continuous use, we would like a set that includes an accessory kit.

Robot vacuum cleaners greatly reduce the burden of household chores, even if human maintenance is required. However, Dreame is constantly developing fully automatic robot vacuums that do not require human intervention to the utmost limit, thanks to its proprietary research and development technology. Dreame Technology Japan is determined to "have the Japanese market recognize the quality of our products slowly, as lack of brand recognition is our greatest weakness. The new product "DreameBot X30 Ultra"" which is focused on performance, will be one of the products that will help the company achieve this goal.

Pre-orders for the "DreameBot X30 Ultra" are already available. Please visit the Makuake project page to check the specifications and consider purchasing the product at the special limited-quantity price. Saiga NAK will be publishing a review of the DreameBot X30 Ultra in the near future!


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