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Dreame's Dreame H12 Core self-cleaning water-wiping vacuum cleaner will surely make cleaning fun!

きっと掃除が楽しくなる!Dreameのセルフクリーニング機能搭載水拭き掃除機「Dreame H12 Core」レビュー!

How often do you clean your house? Visible dust and hair can be quickly cleaned by hand or with a vacuum cleaner, but that is not all there is to daily dirt. The floors, in particular, can become surprisingly dirty due to the accumulation of marks left by people walking on them and spills of food and drinks. Working people do not have a lot of time to spend on cleaning, and even for housewives and husbands, there are not many people who sweep the floor but wipe it down frequently. Even if you are a housewife/husband, it is difficult to get up the courage to do it even though you know you should. The water vacuum cleaner is your friend! This time, we received a " Dreame H12 Core " from Dreame, which we introduced on saiganak.com before, and we would like to review it right away!


Dreame H12 Core" is opened!

It's big!
Saiga NAK

Out of the large cardboard box that arrived at the Saiga NAK editorial office came a large box. It is the Dreame H12 Core!

Dreame H12 Core
Dreame H12 Core
Saiga NAK

Holding the heavy box, I carefully read the instructions on the back of the package.

Checking the contents
Saiga NAK

The moment of opening the package is very exciting! First, let's check the contents...

  • Charging base
  • Handle
  • Main body
  • Cleaning brush
  • Power adapter
  • Multi-purpose floor cleaner (AWH9)

The contents of the machine are completely lean. There are no small parts, which makes setup easy and helpful.

Insert the handle
Saiga NAK

Insert the handle into the main unit and you are ready to go! Let's get started...

However, the instruction manual states that the product must be fully charged before first use. Suppressing my eagerness, I placed it on the base connected to the power adapter and...

Saiga NAK

Start charging. !!!!!! /

A loud voice guidance echoed through the editorial office of Saiga NAK. I was a little nervous, thinking that this volume might be quite loud if I used it at home, even though it was daytime in the office.

Voice guidance button
Saiga NAK

Of course, it is possible to turn the volume of the voice guidance down or off.

The Dreame H12 Core has a suction mode like a standard vacuum cleaner, as well as a water wipe and self-cleaning function. It is good to have the voice guidance assist you in switching modes until you get used to it, but it is not essential , as you can see the status just by looking at the display on the unit. For now, press the voice guidance button on the back of the Dreame H12 Core unit to turn it off.

Saiga NAK

When the main unit is turned on or placed on the charging base, the LED display lights up. This display shows...

  • Self-cleaning mode
  • Auto-cleaning mode
  • Suction mode
  • Battery level / Error
  • Charging indicator
  • Insufficient water in clean water tank
  • Sewage tank full
  • Rotating brush clogged
  • Clogged pipe

The information is displayed in an easy-to-understand manner with icons.

Water purification tank
Saiga NAK

Now that the battery is charged, let's get to work! Here we go again!

Since this is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, first remove the water purification tank...

Fill it with water.
Saiga NAK

Open the tank cover and fill it with water.

Fill the cleaning solution
Saiga NAK

Just filling the water purification tank with water is enough to demonstrate the power of the vacuum cleaner, but to further increase the cleaning power, add detergent. Close the tank cover and gently shake the water purification tank to complete the preparation!

Please be careful not to use any detergent other than the special " Multi-Purpose Floor Cleaner (AWH9 )"!

Start operation!
Saiga NAK

Tilt the main unit backward (toward the front) and press the power button to start the vacuum cleaner! The self-propelled type makes it easy for anyone to operate.

Auxiliary Wheels
Saiga NAK

Auxiliary wheels are a great help. The main unit weighs 4.6 kg, but even when not in operation, the auxiliary wheels make it easy to move the machine.

Saiga NAK

A closer look reveals dirt in the office that cannot be removed by sweeping!

Remove it!
Saiga NAK

Just carry the Dreame H12 Core there with a swoosh and this is what you get! Just one round trip! It's been a long time since the end of the year cleaning, so it's worth cleaning.

Fun and swishy!
Saiga NAK

It is so much fun because it is visibly cleaner. The auto cleaning mode adjusts the suction power according to how dirty the floor is. In suction mode, no water comes out of the water purification tank, so if you spill a drink, it would be better to use the suction mode first to suck some water and thenuse the auto-cleaning mode to clean it up.

Sewage tank
Saiga NAK

When you are done cleaning, return it to the base and press the button to start self-cleaning. After cleaning the floor with the vacuum cleaner, it is time to clean the vacuum cleaner.

Dirt is clearly visible at a glance
Saiga NAK

The left is the sewage tank and the right is the water purification tank. It is dirty!

Brushes can be removed
Saiga NAK

Flush the sewage tank into the sink or washroom to complete the cleaning! If you are worried about the dirt in the sewage tank, rinse it with water or use the included cleaning brush to further clean it.

If there is debris that could not be removed by self-cleaning, the rotating brush can be removed manually for maintenance.

Recommended especially for households with small children.

Dreame H12 CoreDreame H12 Core製品ページ

The Dreame H12 Core introduced here is available at Amazon.co.jp! The higher-end model, Dreame H12 Pro, is available at Bic Camera.com and all Bic Camera and Kojima stores. The feel and operation of a vacuum cleaner is especially important, so please visit a store to try one out for yourself! You can also visit the Dreame H12 Core product page for more information on the product.


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