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"eBASEBALL Prospi A League" 2021 season closes! Spirie league's first champion is decided to "Hiroshima Toyo Carp"!

賞金500万円!「eBASEBALL プロスピAリーグ」2021のe日本シーズンが閉幕!スピリーグ初代王者は「広島東洋カープ」に決定!

eBASEBALL Prosper A League," an e-sports tournament based on the popular Japanese baseball game " PUROYAKYU SPIRITS A " by Konami Digital Entertainment Co.
The 2021 season opened on Saturday, December 4, 2021, with heated games between the Central League and Pacific League teams.
On January 15 (Sat.) and 16 (Sun.), 2022, the " Coca-Cola e Climax Series " was held, with the Hiroshima Toyo Carp winning the Central League and the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks (SoftBank) winning the Pacific League.
The " Coca-Cola e-Japan Series " was held on January 22, 2022 (Saturday), with the representative teams of each league winning the series, and as a result of a game in which both teams were unable to win, the Hiroshima Toyo Carp won the Japan Series!

What is Pro Baseball Spirits A (Ace)?

Pro Baseball Spirits A

Professional Baseball Spirits A is a smartphone game in the " Professional Baseball Spirits " series that was released on October 21, 2015.
As of January 2022, it has been downloaded a total of 29 million times and is very popular!

Let the games begin!

Game 1

3-run HR

In the first game, Nomura of Hiroshima and Wada of Softbank took the mound to start.
SoftBank got off to a quick start with a 2-run HR by Gracial in the 2nd inning.
In the 2nd inning, Hiroshima got on the board in the 2nd inning with a substitute hit, and Dobayashi hit a 3-run HR with one out to complete the comeback!
In the final inning, Corniel, who came in to pitch the 2nd inning, held Hiroshima scoreless, and Hiroshima won the 1st game 3-2!

Game 2

Solo HR by Suzuki

In the second game, Hiroshima, aiming for back-to-back wins, got off to a good start, scoring a run in the first inning and adding two more in the second inning to take the lead!
SoftBank, not to be outdone, took advantage of their chances in the bottom of the 2nd inning with a series of hits, and then tied the game up with a quick substitution offensive attack!
In the final inning, Hiroshima got on the board with a solo HR by Suzuki to the right field bleachers to win the game 3-3!
In the bottom of the inning, SoftBank got a run back when Yanagita led off with a double to right-center field and Kurihara followed with a double down the third base line to tie the game at the last minute!
With one out and runners at first and second, Matsuda gave up a double to end the game!
The score was tied 4-4, but Hiroshima won the game by a point due to a regulation rule, and with their second consecutive win, they were crowned the number one team in Japan!

Game 3

Hiroshima Toyo Carp Japan No.1!

In the third game, Hiroshima was in the lead.
SoftBank, with no time to lose, scored three runs in the first inning as Yanagida gave up two runs and later added a run in the bottom of the inning on an infield single.
Hiroshima allowed the first run, but the batting lineup exploded in the bottom of the inning right after that!
Nishikawa led off with a two-base hit, followed by a timely hit by Dobayashi to bring home a run, and the batting line continued to connect, with Sakakura's timely hit in the 6th finally turning the tables!
After the comeback, Hiroshima continued to hit hard, scoring runs with consecutive hits, and finally Suzuki hit a timely two-base hit over the left field wall to make it 8-3 in the first inning.
Hiroshima won the " Coca-Cola eNippon Series " with three consecutive victories, and was crowned the first champion of the eBASEBALL Prosperity League!

eBASEBALL Prosperity A League" 2021 Season Awards Ceremony!

The winning Hiroshima team

After the game, an award ceremony was held!
Individual awards for each title, fan voting results, and the winning teams of the Central League and Pacific League were presented.
The winning team, Hiroshima, received 5 million yen as a thank-you gift for supporting the team's fans!

Comments from the winning team

Comment from Taichi Watanabe (Black Goat) (@goat_puro)

I am proud to be at the top with the best team and the best members. It was great to win the first game, and I was able to fight with a sense of security knowing that I had two players behind me.

Comment from Takeshi Momosaka (@Yamadai1164 )

From the time the three of us got together, we said that we were not satisfied with just being on the national team, that all we could see was Japan's No. 1 team.
Not only in batting, but also in pitching, these two are really great, and I think they will continue to be active in the future, even though there may be many more tournaments.

Comment from Naoya Permanent Naoya ( @N_nanaseee)

I think it was better that I was able to keep the score at 3 points, though 3 points were scored. I was able to bat with a really easy feeling because the previous two players had won two games and I had time to spare.
It's really great that we were able to achieve our goals of winning the league championship and becoming the number one team in Japan, which we had set from the very beginning.

Comment from Yoshiyuki Ishihara, manager of the Spi League (@ishihara_31)

Thanks to all three of you, I became the No.1 coach in Japan, and I really appreciate all three of you! I am just happy and I have experienced firsthand how difficult it is to become the best in Japan, so I am really happy to become the best in Japan today.
I think the fact that all three of us did not let the pressure get to us, and that we were able to become the best in Japan not only because of our skills, but also because of our teamwork.

List of players who won individual titles

MVP Award

MVP Award

The MVP award went to Watanabe (Hiroshima)!

Fan Voted No. 1 Player

ファン投票 No.1 プレイヤーパワプロ・プロスピ公式チャンネル

Kaneda (DeNA) won the Fan Vote No.1!

Central League

Leading hitter [.552]. Uesugi (DeNA), Eiki (Hiroshima)
Home run leader [7] Okada (DeNA) Okada (DeNA)
Batting lead 【25打点】 Okada (DeNA) Okada (DeNA), Inoue (Hanshin)
Best Defensive Ratio【1.00】WATANABE(Hiroshima) Watanabe (Hiroshima)
-Most strikeouts [3] Yoshihara (Yakult) Yoshihara (Yakult), Nagai (Hanshin), Momosaka (Hiroshima)

Fan Vote Ranking

1st place Kaneda (DeNA)
2nd place Watanabe (Hiroshima)
3rd place Inoue (Hanshin)

Pacific League

Leading hitter [.579]. Morita (Orix)
Home run leader [9] Hatano (Seibu) Hatano (Seibu)
Batting lead【34打点】 Morita (ORIBU) Morita (Orix)
Best Defensive Ratio【1.47】Minagawa(Nihon-Ham) Minagawa (Nippon Ham)
Most strikeouts [4] Ogura (Lotte), Nishida (Orihama) Ogura (Lotte), Nishiyama (Softbank)

Fan Vote Ranking

1st place Fujiki (Softbank)
2nd place Morita (Orix)
3rd place Yoshida (Softbank)

Special Prize

Fight Yipperts! Award Orix Buffaloes
Nice Spirits Award Inoue (Hanshin), Ogura (Lotte)

eBASEBALL Prosperity A League 2021 Season Finally Ends!

2021 season comes to a close

The " eBASEBALL Prosperity A League 2021 Season " has come to an end with the victory of the Hiroshima Toyo Carp!
The qualifying rounds began in September and lasted for about five months, but we are sure that each game was filled with clever instructions, tricks, fine plays, and other drama that will warm the hearts of our viewers.
We are looking forward to seeing which team will win next season.
The standings and individual results for this season can be found on the official " eBASEBALL Prosper A League " website!
You can also watch the archived games on the official Power Pro and Prospey channels!
If you missed it, please watch it!


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Aim with "Baseball Team Love" Japan's Best! "eBASEBALL Prospi A League" will be held in late November 2021!
Aim with "Baseball Team Love" Japan's Best! "eBASEBALL Prospi A League"...

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