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HoloLive × MOLY. ONLINE collaboration 9th! Goods drawn by "Isada Pekora" "Lion White Peony" appeared!


From 18:00 on January 14 (Fri. ), " hololive ", a VTuber group run by COVER Co., Ltd. will collaborate with " MOLLY.ONLINE ", an online crane game operated by AEON FANTASY Co. ONLINE", an online crane game operated by AEON FANTASY Co., Ltd. and featuring Pekora Usuda and Botan Shishiro, both celebrities from the female VTuber group " hololive ".
The prize illustrations are newly designed by "Namori" and "Sakura Kurihara", and the booths will feature exclusive voices by the members, and a pair of illustrated tapestries with their signatures will be given away in a raffle. The booths will also feature a campaign to give away an autographed pair of elasto tapestries!

Newly designed goods by "Pekora Usuda" and "Botan Shishiro"!

"兎田ぺこら""獅白ぼたん"描き下ろしグッズPR TIMES

In this collaboration, "Pekora Usagi " from the 3rd term and " Botan Sh ishiro" from the 5th term will appear, and 4 items of cushion, tapestry, acrylic stand, and acrylic key holder with newly-drawn illustrations of the pair will be available. A total of 12 kinds of goods will be available!
The deformed illustrations on the acrylic key chains and cushions are by illustrator "Sakura Kurihara", while the illustrations on the acrylic stands and tapestries are newly drawn by manga artist and illustrator "Namori".
In addition, a campaign will be held to give away a signed pair of illustrated tapestries in a drawing, as well as newly recorded voices by Pecora Usuda and Botan Shishiro, exclusively for Maury Online!

Outline of "hololive" collaboration prize game prizes
Deployment date and time January 14, 2022 (Fri.) 18:00 - February 9, 2022 (Wed.) 23:59
Location Online crane game "MOLLY.
Contents Cushion, tapestry, acrylic stand, acrylic key holder (4 items, 12 kinds in total)

Prize for collaboration prize game

hololive" collaboration cushion (3 types)

"hololive"コラボ クッション全3種
38 cm (length) X 40 cm (width) X 10 cm (thickness), made of polyester

hololive" collaboration tapestry: 3 types

"hololive"コラボ タペストリー全3種
70.7cm (length) X 50cm (width), made of suede

hololive" collaboration acrylic stand - 3 kinds

"hololive"コラボ アクリルスタンド 全3種
Height when assembled: "Pekora Usada" approx. 14.5cm, "Botan Shishi Hakubutan" approx. 15cm, "Pekora Usada" and "Botan Shishi Hakubutan" pair illustration approx. 12.5cm

hololive" collaboration acrylic key chains - 3 kinds

7 cm (length) X 7 cm (width) X 0.3 cm (thickness)

MOLLY.ONLINE exclusive newly-recorded voices


In commemoration of the collaboration prize game, you can listen to the limited-edition voices of " Pekora Usagi " and " Botan Shishiro " when you play the game at the booths with the prizes at 18:00 on January 14 (Fri.). This voice is a limited time offer.
These voices are only available when you play the game on Maury Online, so please take this opportunity to listen to them!

Pair of illustrated tapestries signed by Pekora Usuda and Botan Shishiro will be given away to three lucky winners!

To celebrate the 9th collaboration between hololive and MOLLY.ONLINE, we are giving away a pair of illustrated tapestries signed by Pekora Usada and Botan Shishiro on the official Twitter account of MOLLY ONLINE by following and retweeting. You can win a "Pair Illustration Tapestry" signed by "Pekora Usuda" and "Botan Shishiro" by following and retweeting on Twitter.
Take this opportunity to apply by following and retweeting the official Twitter account of MOREY ONLINE!

Campaign Outline
Application period Thursday, January 13 to Friday, January 28
Number of people selected by lottery 3 persons
Prizes Illustration tapestry autographed by Pecola Usuda and Botan Shishiro
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