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National Inter-Prefectural Esports Championship 2019 IBARAKI

全国都道府県対抗eスポーツ選手権 2019 IBARAKI

With the growing popularity of "eSports," the competition to win or lose in video games, the "National eSports Championship 2019 IBARAKI" will be held in October 2019. There will be three competitive games: "Puyopuyo eSports," "Winning Eleven 2019," and "Gran Turismo SPORT," all of which are currently on sale on PS4.

The rules, categories, and qualifying schedule for each title will be explained.

Puyopuyo eSports


Puyo Puyo is an action puzzle game released by Sega.
The game is loved by people of all ages, from adults to children, for its simple gameplay of lining up "puyos" of the same color vertically and horizontally to make them disappear.
In this year's e-sports championship, representative players from each prefecture will compete in two categories: elementary school students aged 12 or younger and general players aged 12 or older.
Entries for the preliminary round have not yet begun, but the detailed schedule and rules for the preliminary round (the preliminary round to determine the representatives) have already been announced as follows.

Puyopuyo eSports Representative Round
Schedule May - August 2019
Location Aeon Malls nationwide
Participation Fee Free of charge
Category Elementary school students (12 years old and under)
General category (12 years old and up)
Basic Rules The latest regulations will be used at the time of the event.
Controllers will be provided by the tournament organizer.
Number of players One representative from each of the eight blocks in Japan for the elementary school division.
In the general division, one representative from each prefecture.
Rules for Preliminary Rounds In the "Challenge Mode Score Challenge," the top score in 2 minutes will advance to the preliminary round.
Rules of the preliminary round The winner will compete in a "Puyopuyo Dori" rules match format, with two matches and two sets.

Players who are chosen as representatives will be able to participate in the tournament, with travel and accommodation expenses covered by the organizer.
Although there will be no prize money, it is not hard to imagine that there will be great admiration for the players who become the best in the nation at the nationally popular Puyopuyo.

The qualifying schedule varies by region, so be sure to check the special site below.

■PuyoPuyo eSports Special Site


Winning Eleven 2019


Winning Eleven is a soccer game that allows players to control real soccer players.
The realism of the players has increased with each successive series, and the game has become popular among soccer fans around the world because of the skillful tricks that can be pulled off depending on the controller's handling.

The qualifying rounds for Winning Eleven include the first round, which uses the game's online function, and the preliminary round, which is held offline to determine the representatives of the first round winners.

Winning Eleven 2019 Preliminary Round
Dates. April-August 2019
Location. Aeon Malls nationwide
Participation Fee Free of charge
Category Juvenile Division (High School 3rd Grade and Under)
Open Division
Basic Rules The latest regulations will be used at the time of the event.
Controllers will be provided by the tournament organizers.
Number of representative players One representative from each category and each prefecture
Rules for Online Preliminary Round Players will be decided by A system (tournament play) or B system (results within the time limit)
Rules for Offline Qualifiers Undecided

Entries for Winning Eleven 2019 have already been accepted and can be made at the following special page.

Winning Eleven 2019 National Championship Special Page


In addition to accepting entries, the special page also includes more detailed match settings and players that can be selected.
Qualifying begins in April, earlier than Puyopuyo eSports, so if you are considering competing, we recommend entering as soon as possible.

Gran Turismo SPORT


Gran Turismo is a real racing simulation game where players compete for speed using sports cars and racing courses that look just like the real thing. Gran Turismo SPORT, the latest in the series, has been developed with features to assist not only fans of the past, but also beginners to make it easier to play.
The preliminary round of Gran Turismo SPORT will consist of an online first round where the players compete for course times, and an offline second round where the winners of the first round will race against each other.

Gran Turismo SPORT Preliminary Rounds
Schedule April to August 2019
Location Offline preliminary round: to be determined
Participation Fee Free of charge
Category Juvenile (6-18 years old)
General Division (18 years old and up)
Number of Representatives 2 players from each category and each prefecture
Online Qualifying Rules Course: Suzuka Circuit
Car type: Gr.3 class
Tires: Racing hard tires
Bop (Balance of Performance): Valid
Offline Qualifying Rules Course: Suzuka Circuit
Car type: Gr.3 class
Tires: Racing Hard
Bop (Balance of Performance): Valid

Entry will start in March, and you can enter from the detailed page below during the registration period.

■Gran Turismo SPORT Competition details page



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