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Sega official professional tournament "Puyo Puyo Championship SEASON5 STAGE1" winner is "delta" player belonging to "Shinobu isgaming"!

セガ公式プロ大会「ぷよぷよチャンピオンシップ SEASON5 STAGE1」優勝は「忍ismGaming」所属の“delta”選手!

Sega's official tournament " Puyopuyo Championship SEASON 5 STAGE 1 " of the "Puyopuyo" action game series, a masterpiece of falling object puzzles, was held on April 29, 2022 (Friday, national holiday).
The winner of the tournament and the one million yen prize money went to delta!

The winner is delta!

The winner, delta

The winner of the "PuyoPuyo Championship SEASON 5 STAGE 1" and the winner of the 1 million yen prize money is delta(@delta_so ), a member of the professional gaming team " ShinobiismGaming ". Congratulations!
This is the first time that delta has won the "PuyoPuyo Championship" since "SEASON 2".

Scenes from the match
From left, delta and live in the final match

His opponent in the final match was the winner of "SEASON 4 Stage 1", professional gamer live(@livedesu ) from RED ONE Co.
The winner was determined by winning the first two sets.
In the final set, delta was ahead 4-1 to take the championship! However, the game was tied at 4-4 when the live players reeled off a furious response!

Both players at 4-4

In this important match, the winner is the player who takes the next game. live was all smiles with his momentum, while delta looked cool and calm.
In the end, it was delta who scored a double double and stood up with a smile of victory! Congratulations!

delta immediately after winning the tournament

The top four finishers in this tournament were delta, live, Mackie, and Zairo, and they will be awarded the right to participate in the "STAGE 2 Final Tournament" and be seeded in the tournament.

From left, delta, live, Mackie, and Zairo
Tournament Results

Winner's comment from delta

I am really happy to have won after a long time.
It was a very close final, and my legs were so wobbly, but I had a great time playing a good match.
I feel like I finally came home, and I am filled with gratitude for all the people around me, including the friends I have trained with and the people I have had a chance to be involved with. Thank you very much.


The results of the fierce competition are in the archives!


You can watch the tournament on the official Puyopuyo YouTube channel or in the archives on the official Puyopuyo Twitter feed! Please check out the opening round of SEASON 5, where many heated battles took place!


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34738セガ公式プロ大会「ぷよぷよチャンピオンシップ SEASON5 STAGE1」優勝は「忍ismGaming」所属の“delta”選手!
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