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"VCC PUBG" will be held from 21:00 on July 13 (Wed)! 16 gorgeous squads assemble!

「VCC PUBG」が7月13日(水)21:00から開催!豪華なスクワッドが16チーム集結!

VAULTROOM Community Custom " (hereinafter referred to as "VCC") is a custom match event hosted by the gaming community "vaultroom", which has two locations in Shibuya, Tokyo and one in Fukuoka.
In the " VCC PUBG " event, 16 teams of4 players each, a total of 64 players, have gathered!

64 gorgeous members gathered!


In this "VCC PUBG", a total of 4 matches will be held!
The team that wins each match will receive a prize!
The list of participating members and teams is as follows.

Member List

  • TEAM 1: SHAKA, Waiwai, Tonakaito, Komori Meto
  • TEAM 2: Kuzuha, k4sen, Raijin, Ibrahim
  • TEAM 3: Kano, Bodka, Ars Almar, Yukio
  • TEAM 4: Vanilla, Arisaka, Lisa Ei, Amatsuki
  • TEAM 5: SUMOMO, Mayka Utagoromo, Fanta, MOTHER3
  • TEAM 6: ade, SqLA, Darker Akarin, Sumire Haname
  • TEAM 7: Kaede Higuchi, Wooka, Nishizono Chigusa, Kawase
  • TEAM 8: Uruha Ichinose, Latona Petit, Ta1yo, XQQ
  • TEAM 9: Virtual Gorilla, Noriaki Suzuki, YamatoN, KH
  • TEAM 10: Haname Nazuna, Seoldam, Yoichi Yoru, Ariken
  • TEAM 11: Nobaman, Radda, Guchitsubo, Furanshusuko
  • TEAM 12: kamito, clutch_fii, Nachoneko, walnut no a
  • TEAM 13: Nekomugi Tororo, Kenki, AlphaAzur, LEON representative
  • TEAM 14: Karubi Akami, Mafuyu, shinji, Takagi
  • TEAM 15: Suru Monkey, Shinichiro Inui, Sovalt, RobiN
  • TEAM 16: Nanako Okana, MOROHA UK, Nyantako, BobSappAim

Did you find your favorite team?
Rather than a stiff atmosphere, VCC is more of an event for gamers to interact and have fun together.
I'm looking forward to seeing the various teams in action and the friendships/conversations that will be made here!
The matches will be streamed through each participant's YouTube channel.
The matches start at 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 13, 2022, so don't miss out!

Outline of "VCC PUBG
Game Title PUBG
Number of Matches 4 matches
Viewpoint FPP
Prizes The team that wins the donation will receive a prize.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

117553「VCC PUBG」が7月13日(水)21:00から開催!豪華なスクワッドが16チーム集結!
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