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November 26th is Black Friday this year! Sale starts at Atsumori Raccoon Dog Shop!


Thanksgiving Day is celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States, Canada, and other countries.
It is also known as "Thanksgiving" and is a day of thanksgiving and sacrifice for the harvest and blessings of the previous year, but to be honest, many people in Japan are not familiar with Thanksgiving and may think of it as a day to eat turkey and pumpkin pie.
Even those people may be familiar with " Black Friday," the Friday after Thanksgiving, which has recently taken root in Japan as well.
It is called "Black Friday" because the leftover Thanksgiving presents are sold at bargain prices, resulting in a rush of customers and a surplus in sales (there are various theories).
It seems that the Black Friday wave that makes us buy too much has reached that island.
Black Friday Sale has started at Tanuki Shop of "Atsumare Animal Crossing "!

All products are 30% off all month long!

あつまれ Animal Crossing
Bring Your Animal Crossing!
Animal Crossing 公式Twitter

The "Atsumare Animal Crossing" Black Friday Sale is being held at the Tanuki Shop on your island!
Not only will Animal Crossing merchandise be cheaper at the My Nintendo Store, but they've gone above and beyond what we expected by holding the sale in-game!
During Black Friday, all items in the Tanuki Shop will be available for 30% off, so don't miss your chance to buy that item or piece of furniture that you couldn't afford to buy before because you ran out of bells!
The sale will last until the end of November 2021, so visit the Tanuki Shop today!


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