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Steam VR version of VR band playing game "BEAT ARENA" is now available! Let's enjoy playing musical instruments with a realistic feeling!

VRバンド演奏ゲーム「BEAT ARENA」のSteam VR版が配信開始!楽器の演奏をリアルな感覚で楽しもう!

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. has announced that the Steam VR version of the VR band performance game "BEAT ARENA" will be available for download on September 10, 2021.

Enjoy a realistic performance experience with "BEAT ARENA"!

The "BEAT ARENA" contains a variety of songs from the "BEMANI" series, and players can play four types of instruments (drums, guitar, bass, and keyboards) to their favorite songs. The game currently contains 41 songs.
There are currently 41 songs in total, with more to be added in future updates!

Crossover time session" for a more realistic experience

In the "BEAT ARENA," players can experience the sensation of actually playing a musical instrument in a VR space.
Furthermore, by using the "Crossover time session" function, you can share your friend's play data in the VR space and experience as if you were actually playing live in a band in the VR space!


Price and VR Compatible Models

The Steam VR version of "BEAT ARENA" is priced at 2,990 yen (including tax ).
Please note that a VR-compatible head-mounted display is required to play this title.
The Steam VR version is available for HTC Vive,Valve Index, andOculus Rift.
The Steam VR version can be purchased on the "BEAT ARENA" Steam Store page.

For more information, check out the official media!

With the distribution of the Steam VR version, the number of people playing "BEAT ARENA" will increase, and the game is sure to become even more exciting.
It seems that more and more songs will be added through updates, so be sure to check the official "BEAT ARENA" website and KONAMI's official Twitter feed to keep up with the latest information!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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