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CAPCOM Cafe enters Ikebukuro, Tokyo

CAPCOM Cafe enters Ikebukuro, Tokyo

CAPCOM Cafe and PLAZA CAPCOM would be opened on 19 July 2019 at Q Plaza Ikebukuro.

The second CAPCOM Cafe after Koshidani

The first CAPCOM Cafe is located at Koshidani Lake Town, Saitama, the branch in Ikebukuro would be the second..
Due to the convenience of transportation, not only the fans of CAPCOM Cafe, some people who walk around are expected to enter the shop.
The theme will be a collab with BASARA Battle Party.
The details are coming soon.

The newest VR experience

PLAZA CAPCOM Ikebukuro provides VR supporting 4 players at the same time, as well as other new gaming consoles.
They are novelties that you can only obtain from PLAZA CAPCOM.
As CAPCOM Cafe is at the same floor, customers of Q Plaza is expected to increase.

PLAZA CAPCOM Ikebukuro image
PLAZA CAPCOM Ikebukuro image
CAPCOM Official Website

Ikebukuro will become more popular

The heaven of otaku, Ikeburo,
have already has a lot of game arcades and concept Cafe, the new comers, CAPCOM Cafe and PLAZA CAPCOM would bring more people to Ikebukuro

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