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ChargeSPOT to Hold Campaign for Participation in "Pokémon GO" Partner Research

ChargeSPOTで「Pokémon GO」パートナーリサーチの参加権をゲットできるキャンペーン開催

A campaign to give away tickets to participate in the "Pokémon GO" Partner Research event of the popular location-based game application "Pokémon GO" has started on November 3, 2022 (Thursday). You can win a participation ticket by using ChargeSPOT, a mobile battery sharing service with the No.1 market share of mobile batteries installed in Japan.

What is "Pokémon GO" Partner Research?

This is a special time challenge only available to those who have an entry ticket with a promotion code that can be obtained from official "Pokémon GO" partners. The "Participation Ticket" comes with a promotion code, and you can register the code on the promotion code entry page to challenge the Time Challenge! If you complete the Time Challenge during the applicable season, you will receive tools and may even meet a special Pokémon!

What is ChargeSPOT?


ChargeSPOT " is a mobile battery sharing service with the No.1 market share in Japan. ChargeSPOT has expanded to about 35,000 locations, so you may have seen it at convenience stores and other places. To rent a battery stand, simply use the ChargeSPOT app to scan the battery stand's QR code! You can find a battery stand nearby, rent a battery, and return it to another battery stand. It is very easy to rent a mobile battery.


Get a ticket for "Pokémon GO" Partner Research at ChargeSPOT!

ChargeSPOTで"Pokémon GO"パートナーリサーチの参加券をゲット PR TIMES

How to get a participation ticket

  • 1. use ChargeSPOT at a participating store (*) (at least once) *The location must be in Japan and pinned on the app.
  • 2. apply using the application form in the ChargeSPOT app

Participation ticket acquisition period

From Thursday, November 3, 2022 to Sunday, November 20, 2022. Participation tickets (promotion codes) will be distributed within one week after both "use ChargeSPOT (at least once)" and "completion of the application form entry" conditions have been met.

Timing of ticket distribution

Every Thursday to the following Wednesday: Tickets will be given between Thursday and Tuesday. e.g.: Enter and use the OOT (at least once) between November 3 (Thursday) and November 9 (Wednesday) → Tickets will be given between November 10 (Thursday) and November 15 (Tuesday) to the e-mail address registered on the application form.

Time Challenge Clearance Deadline

Wednesday, November 30, 2022, 23:59.

In this ChargeSPOT Time Challenge, you can get Civitas, Denryu, Gyaru, and Perlulu. You may be able to see a different colored "Denryu," a different colored "Gial," and a different colored "Perlul. Furthermore, you can get 10,000 XP and 10,000 Hoshi no Suna for completing the Time Challenge to the end. Take advantage of this opportunity to get a participation ticket to obtain special Pokémon and in-game items!

For more details about this campaign to get participation tickets for "Pokémon GO" Partner Research at ChargeSPOT, please visit the campaign website. When you are out and about and your phone is about to run out of charge... that's when ChargeSPOT comes to the rescue!


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