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Referring to controller problems in CAPCOM CPT

Referring to controller problems in CAPCOM CPT

CAPCOM has officially announced that "the use of controllers that give an advantage to the competition is not in line with the spirit of the CPT".

COMBO BREAKER is a premium event on the CAPCOM Pro Tour (CPT), bringing players from around the world to Illinois, USA to compete in a series of games, including "Street Fighter V Arcade Edition". The event is a premium event of the "CAPCOM Pro Tour" (CPT).

Diversified Controllers

Controllers are an important element in determining the outcome of any fighting game, and not only in the Street Fighter series.
Arcade controllers, which consist of levers and buttons, gamepads, and other controllers that allow players to maximize their abilities, are used in tournaments.
Recently, leverless controllers, in which the lever portion of the arcade controller is replaced by a button input, have been attracting attention, and the number of users is increasing as these controllers allow for shorter command input times.

レバーレスコントローラー"Hit Box"
The "Hit Box" leverless controller
Hit Box公式サイト

CAPCOM officially announced

There have been many inquiries to CAPCOM regarding the controller to be used, and in response, CAPCOM has officially announced their intentions.
The following is the full text of the announcement made on the official Capcom Fighters Twitter account (in Japanese)

■Combo Breaker (CPT) Participating Athletes

We are currently receiving inquiries from participating players regarding controllers.
However, under the current CAPCPM Pro Tour (CPT) rules, we have found that we are unable to provide a clear answer to inquiries regarding the controller in question.

While we at Capcom respect the diversity of controllers, we feel that it is not in the spirit of the CPT to use controllers that give players an advantage in competition.
We have discussed this with the Tournament Organizer (TO) of Combo Breaker and have come to the conclusion that we cannot allow the use of controllers that are not in line with the spirit of the CPT in this tournament.

In addition, we will respect the local tournament rules for all controllers used in the tournament, regardless of combo breakers, as long as they are not clearly answered in the CPT rules. Therefore, we ask for the understanding and cooperation of all players participating in the tournament to follow the rules and decisions set forth by the TO.

We will continue to review the rules for the use of controllers with a view to revising the rules.
However, we also ask for your understanding that more information and more time are needed to make appropriate decisions.

Capcom Fighters Twitter公式アカウント

Currently, there are no clear rules

The announcement states that "the use of controllers that give an advantage to the competition is not in line with the spirit of the CPT," but that "we are unable to give a clear answer to inquiries regarding the controller in question.
Therefore, at the present time, unless it is a clear violation of CPT rules, the decision will be made according to local tournament rules and the judgment of the tournament organizer.

Time is needed for rulemaking

CAPCOM is considering the possibility of revising the rules, but they need more information and more time to make the right decision.
If certain controllers are made unusable, players using them will be forced to change their controllers, so careful decisions are expected.

What is the response from players?

Although CAPCOM did not mention any specific players or controllers in their announcement, Daigo Umehara, who declared his participation in the CPT using a leverless controller, commented on the matter as follows


As soon as we have more information, we will report it on Saiga NAK