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I'm looking forward to using the remote control ...! Teacher-style trend corde "secret class" appeared in DOAXVV!


The "Secret Class" of DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation (DOAXVV), a part of the Dead or Alive series, is now open to the public. Trend Codes Gacha and Natsukashi Codes Gacha will be held in "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation".
The SSR swimsuits in the Trend Codes Gacha are "Hitomi", "Ayane", "Misaki", and "Nagisa" of the "Secret Class" only, while the SSR swimsuits in the Natsukashika Codes Gacha are &. quot;Only Monica, Tamaki, Kasumi, and Momiji's "Secret Class" swimsuits will appear in the Natsukashika Codes Gacha.

Promise to be opened

Trend Coordinate Gacha and Natsukashi Coordinate Gacha "Secret Class" will be open until 3:59 on September 17 (Thu).
The following promo items will be available.


In addition, Venus in the "Secret Class" can use a "mysterious remote control" that produces special effects in shooting mode.
By awakening their skills, the effects of the "Mysterious Remote Control" will be further enhanced.



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π / I'm worried ...! Doaxvvv is added to the self-proclaimed "Yin Ca" "Tsukushi" (CV: Sashide Koa)!
π / I'm worried ...! Doaxvvv is added to the self-proclaimed "Yin Ca" "Tsuk...

In a "DOAXVV" fact of a dead or series alive "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation (dead Or Alive Extreme Venus Vacation)", a new goddes

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