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"EVO Online" decided to be canceled

「EVO Online」の開催中止が決定

EVO Online, which was scheduled to take place over five weekends starting Saturday, July 4, 2020, has been canceled.

Capcom, Bandai Namco, and others have withdrawn from the event.

After an investigation into the illegal activities of Joey Cuellar, it was announced that Joey Cuellar has been removed from EVO and that EVO Online will be canceled.
In addition, it was announced that entry fees will be refunded and a donation equivalent to the proceeds of Project HOPE will be made to the EVO Foundation.

CAPCOM (Street Fighter V) and Namco Bandai Entertainment (Tekken 7 and SOULCALIBUR VI), which were scheduled to be used for the main tournament title, have also announced their withdrawal. manufacturers have also announced their declines to participate.


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"EVO Online" will be held! 4 tournament titles added!
"EVO Online" will be held! 4 tournament titles added!...

Festival of the biggest fight game in the world it was expected to hold at United States Las Vegas from August 2, 2020 "EVO 2020". When announcing can