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Open β test of "Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior" is here! Taiwan's two biggest professional gamers "Five Crotch Oil King" "ET" appeared in the game!

「Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior」のオープンβテストが開催!台湾二大プロ格ゲーマーの「五股石油王」「ET」がゲームに登場!

Digital Crafter " is a Taiwanese indie game studio famous for " Fight of Animals ", a fighting game based on the motif of animals that has become an internet meme.
Digital Crafter's latest title in the "Fight of" series, " Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior " (hereafter referred to as "Fight of Steel"), will finally undergo an open beta test!
In addition, two of Taiwan's top professional gaming stars will be participating in the open beta!

「Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior」最新映像が公開!クローズドβテストの参加者募集も開始!

Open Beta Test at Steam NEXT Festival!

Steam NEXTフェス
Steam NEXT Festival

"Fight of Steel" is an unusual robot fighting game that allows players to customize their own fighters with six body parts (head, torso, arms, and legs) and slots for special moves and super special moves.
In addition to Arcade Mode, players will be able to play the first three chapters of Story Mode, Challenge Mode, Online Battle, and various other modes in this Open Beta test.

In the Story Mode, players will encounter a female aircraft named Artemis, and will be on an adventure to solve the mystery of her birth.


Challenge Mode incorporates RPG elements, with all aircraft having attributes and various enhancement values.
Collect parts dropped by enemies during battles and use them to defeat the next opponent with an advantageous combination.

チャレンジモード: カスタマイズ
Challenge Mode: Customization

"Fight of Steel" will be open beta tested at the Steam NEXT festival on Tuesday, June 14, 2022.
A number of live events will also be held during the Steam NEXT festival.

Two major professional gamers from Taiwan will be participating!

Oil King ( @LeevyLin )

ET ( @ET1120 )

Oil King ", who has many achievements in Street Fighter V and will represent Taiwan in the 2022 Asian Games, and " EET ", the KOF World Champion at the 2017 EVO, will compete in the "Fight of Steel". will be featured as "Fight of Steel" skins!
They will be presented to everyone at the Steam NEXT festival.

This collaboration is only possible with the ultimate freedom of the "Fight of Steel"!
For more information about the game, to add it to your wish list, or to participate in the open beta test, please visit Steam!


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【#嘘じゃない】Digital Crafter's latest work "Fight of Steel" in Taiwan is decided to collaborate with "Fight of Animals"!
【#嘘じゃない】Digital Crafter's latest work "Fight of Steel" in Taiwan is decided to c...

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