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Free update of "FINAL FANTASY XVI" available! 2 types of DLC & development of PC version officially announced!

「FINAL FANTASY XVI」の無料アップデート配信!2種類のDLC&PC版の開発も正式発表!

FINAL FANTASY XVI ", the latest numbered title in the worldwide hit "FINAL FANTASY" series, will be released simultaneously worldwide on June 22, 2023 (Thursday), a little over two months from now, The game's beautiful graphics, which take full advantage of the game's machine specs, powerful sound, and profound story have received a great response from all over the world. It's no wonder that people's hearts are moved after playing such a large volume of games. Although the game has been on sale for quite some time now, many people have probably already reached the end of the story, but there are many people who would like to spend more time in "Valiszea. But there are many of you who would like to spend more time in "Valiszea! The latest information about FINAL FANTASY XVI was revealed in a video that was shown at PAX West 2023!

New designs for DualSense and PS5 covers featuring FF XVI Available! Along with a bundle for PS5!

Clive's weapon "skin change" & "costume change" implemented!

FINAL FANTASY XVI Producer Naoki Yoshida 's commentary video shown at PAX West 2023 is now available on the official FINAL FANTASY XVI X (@FF16_JP )! New information about "FINAL FANTASY XVI" has been revealed!

First of all, there will be a " Skin Change " and " Costume Change " for Clive's weapon that will be implemented in the free update! The "Skin Change" function allows you to change the appearance of Clive's weapon to any other weapon you wish, while keeping the weapon's performance as it is. For those of you who have been forced to change the weapon of your choice due to its performance, even if you think it looks best on Clive, you will now be able to have the weapon of your choice always look the way you like. The "Costume Change" feature adds costumes forClive, Jill, Torgal, Ambrosia, and Joshua, and allows them to switch between their default outfits and their popular costumes. The most interesting thing about the costumes is what they will look like, and some of the costumes have been revealed on the PlayStation.Blog!

Clive Rosfield "Efreet Black

Clive Rosfield "Efreet Black

Jill Warrick "Shiva White

Jill Warrick "Shiva White

Torgal "Ice Blue

Torgal "Ice Blue

Please note that these features will be opened as you progress through the story line, so if you reset your game progress in "Tough New Game," you will need to advance through the storyline again. Clive's weapon, the " Onion Sword," will also be distributed in this update!

Onion Sword

The Onion Sword is a recreation of the most powerful weapon used by the "Onion Swordsman" in " FINAL FANTASY III ", which is well-known to FF fans! We guarantee that you will feel like you have no more enemies once you equip it! You can receive it from the " Item Post " after the update, so get it and equip it as soon as possible! The free update for "FINAL FANTASY XVI" will be available from September 3, 2023 (Sun.), so be sure to update first before setting off on your journey to "Valiszea! Please check the official "FINAL FANTASY XVI" website for details on the update! The last video introduces the free update, but it contains spoilers, so please be careful if you are currently playing the game or are thinking of playing it.

Paid DLC & PC version will also be announced!

While we are happy to see the free update that is now available, the second half of the video also reveals that development of two types of paid DLC has begun! The second half of the video also reveals that two types of paid DLC are in development!

The game is also officially announced that a PC version of the PS5 exclusive "FINAL FANTASY XVI" is currently in development! For those of you who have wanted to play the game but have had difficulty because it is exclusive to PS5, there is no better news than this. We can look forward to more information about the DLC and the PC version by the end of 2023! For more information, please check the official "FINAL FANTASY XVI" website!


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