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[Because it's aba! ] "Naruto - Galefuden" collaboration is being held at Fortnite!

【だってばよ!】フォートナイトで「NARUTO-ナルト- 疾風伝」コラボ開催中!

Fortnite " is one of the most played game titles in the world.
The rules of the game are simple and easy to understand: basically, it is a battle royale in which the player survives until the last man, so in addition to daily play, there are various tournaments, live broadcasts, and a wide variety of other ways to enjoy the game.
Fortnite is also known for its collaboration with a wide range of different genres.
Musicians hold events and live performances in the game, characters from other games appear as costumes and accessories, and other attempts are made to make the game truly enjoyable for players.
Such is the case with Fortnite, which has launched a new collaborative event starting Tuesday, November 16, 2021!
The Japanese ninja, a huge hit around the world, is joining the fray!

Naruto is joining Fortnite!

This time, Fortnite is collaborating with the anime " Naruto Shippuden " based on Masashi Kishimoto's hit manga "Naruto"!
Naruto Shippuden" is the second part of the original manga, so the characters that will appear in Fortnite are those that have grown up.
The most important thing is to find out what the collaboration will be about! So here are the items that will appear in the item store!

Naruto Costumes

NARUTO Costume
NARUTO Costume
  • Uzumaki Naruto (with another style "7th Generation Fire Shadow")
  • Uchiha Sasuke (with "Kusanagi Sword")
  • Haruno Sakura (with another style "Uchiha Sakura")
  • Hatake Kakashi (with another style "Dark Kakashi")

NARUTO back accessories

NARUTO Back Accessory
  • Back accessory "PAKUN
  • Back accessory "Fuuma shuriken
  • Back accessory "Kinohagakure no Mantle
  • NARUTO back accessory "Scroll

Naruto pickaxe

Naruto pickaxe
  • Sword of the Dark Side" pickaxe
  • Sword of Darkness" (with another style "Black")
  • Sword of Kusanagi
  • Hidan no Sickle

NARUTO Glider and Emote

Glider "Kuharama
Loading screen "Shinobi Teamwork
  • Glider "Kuharama" (with "Shinobi Teamwork" loading screen)
  • Emote "Kuchiyose no Jutsu
  • The "Time for Ramen" emote

...and all of them are related to the members of the "Seventh Squad" of Naruto Shippuden.
The costumes are a must, but I want Ichiraku's ramen-eating emote " Ramen Time "!
We know many of you will want them all, so there will also be bund les available for purchase.
The " Naruto & Kakashi B undle" includes a Naruto Uzumaki costume (with a separate "7th Hokage" style), a "scroll" back accessory, a "Hatake Kakashi" costume (with a separate The bundle also includes the " Pizza Eating Jutsu" loading screen, the "Pizza Eating Jutsu" back accessory "Pacun", and the "Sasuke & Sakura Bundle".

Loading screen "Pizza Eating Technique

The " Sasuke & Sakura Bundle " includes the "Uchiha Sasuke" costume, the "Fuuma Shuriken" back accessory, the "Haruno Sakura" costume (with the "Uchiha Sakura" style), and the "Kinoha Sakura" back accessory. The bundle also includes the back accessory "Kinohagakure no Mantle" and the "Team 7" loading screen.

Loading screen "Team 7

The " Shinobi Tools B undle" includes the emote "Ramen Time", the emote "Kuchiyose no Jutsu", the pickaxe "Kunai", the pickaxe "Dark Sword", the pickaxe "Hidan no Sickle&quot The "Seventh Group" is available for purchase in bulk.

忍の道具 バンドル
Shinobi tools bundle

The "Seventh Squad" loading screen is really cool, so please consider purchasing the bundle!

Get rewards for clearing Kakashi's missions!

Hatake Kakashi

During the collaboration period, the copy ninja " Hatake Kakashi " will appear on the island.
Ninja-themed quests will be available, so find Kakashi somewhere on the island and take on the quests.
Be sure to get the " kunai with detonator tag, " a weapon that can be thrown at enemies, which can be obtained by visiting the scarecrow or from treasure chests and loot llamas!

Detonating tag with kunai

Explore the Hidden Village of Kinoha!


During the collaboration period, you will be able to visit " Kinohagakure no Sato".
Visit iconic locations in the world of Naruto, such as the Hokage Residence and Ichiraku, in this recommended Naruto-themed hub.
When you are ready to explore, meet Naruto in front of the House of the Shadow and ask him to guide you to the " Adventure Map of the Hidden Village of Kinoha"!
You'll feel like a shinobi or resident of Kinohagakure no Sato, and completing quests will unlock additional key locations for the story, such as the Valley of Do omsday and the Chunin Examining Center.

Valley of the Apocalypse

To enter the Naruto-themed Creative Hub, select the "Creative" tile in the Discovery tab.
To enter the Adventure in the Hidden Village of Konohagakure, select the "Adventure in the Hidden Village of Konohagakure" tile on the Discovery tab.
The NARUTO-themed Creative Hub will be available until midnight on Wednesday, November 24, 2021, and the Adventure in the Hidden Village of Kinoha will be available until midnight on Tuesday, November 30, 2021!

Events will be held to get "Kusarama" and more!

In addition to the events we have introduced here, there will be other events where you can win in-game contents such as the glider "9 Horn Lama" and more!
More details will be released soon, so be sure to follow the official Fortnite Twitter(@FortniteJP ) for more information.
Just the mere appearance of Naruto and his friends in the world of Fortnite is enough to make your eyes light up, but the fun is endless as Naruto fights with ninjutsu and ninja gear, shooting guns at each other, and cool Sasuke dances around with his emotes!
Join the world-famous game "Naruto Shippuden" and the world-famous game "Fortnite" in this dream collaboration!
Also, the official Fortnite website is now distributing a paper craft that can be assembled into a mini-doll of the Seventh Squad!
Please make one during your break from playing Fortnite and post it on social networking sites with the hashtag " #MYFNNARUTO ".

NARUTO Paper Craft

For more information, please check the official Fortnite website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

32193【だってばよ!】フォートナイトで「NARUTO-ナルト- 疾風伝」コラボ開催中!
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