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Freux's completely new royal road action RPG "Holy Tower Jinki: Trinity Trigger" announced! Trial version distribution starts soon!

フリューの完全新作王道アクションRPG「聖塔神記 トリニティトリガー」発表!早くも体験版配信開始!

On Friday, May 20, 2022, a completely new RPG "PROJCET-TRITRI " was suddenly announced on SNS.
A teaser site, staff, and some setting materials were revealed. A campaign to predict the title of the game was also launched, and the game became a hot topic of conversation as people wondered what kind of game it would really be.
It would be impossible not to have high expectations for this completely new RPG with a splendid staff.
As announced in the press release, the full details of the game were revealed on May 26, 2022 (Thursday)!
FLEW, which has produced many classic titles with fascinating worldviews such as "Caligula," "CRYSTAR," "Monark," etc., will be releasing a completely new action RPG "PROJCET-TRRIPE" on May 26, 2022. The new game is called "PROJCET-TRITRI" and is also known as "Seitokami: Trinity Trigger"!

A completely new action RPG in which three players work together to fight!

聖塔神記 トリニティトリガー
Holy Tower Divine Trinity Trinity Trigger

The official announcement this time is Frew's completely new action RPG "Seitou Jinki Tr inity Trigger"!
As announced on the teaser site, the game will be created by Nobuteru Yuki, known for his work on "Trials of Mana ",Raita Kazama, known for his work on "Xenoblade", for character design , and "OCTOPATH TRAVELELELER" for scenario design. OCTOPATH TRAVELER", Yura Kubota for the scenario, andHiroki Kikuta for the music, who is also familiar with "Trials of Mana".
The "Trigger," the symbol of the game, was designed by Atsuko Nishida, Tomohiro Kitakaze, and Megumi Mizutani, all of whom are also well-known for their work on the "Pokémon" series. The staff is a "can-do!" level of superlative quality.
Animation will be handled by DOMERICA, Inc. and development by Three Rings, Inc.
Seitokamiki Trinity Trigger" is an action RPG in which three players work together to fight inTrinitia, an area with a rich natural setting.
The game can be played by a single player, of course, but it also supports multiplayer, allowing up to three players to play together.
It will bring back memories of the classic action RPGs that I used to play with my family and friends back in the day!
Along with the official announcement, information on the story and characters has also been released!

The Story

聖塔神記 トリニティトリガー
Seitokami Trinity Trigger

Once upon a time, the gods of order and the gods of chaos
The gods of order and the gods of chaos fought for supremacy over the world.

A great weapon fell to the earth and the world began to fall.
So each god chose a warrior to represent him.
And it was decided that the winner would be decided by the battle of their warriors.

Time passed.

A young man named Cyan was living a quiet life in a small village.
One day, he learned that he was the chosen one of the chaos gods.
He learned that he was a warrior of chaos

chosen by the gods of chaos.

The harsh destiny he has taken upon himself.
He gathered there as if guided by the gods of chaos.
With Eris and Xanthis
Cian embarks on a journey against his destiny

Together, the three of us can change our destiny
I believe we can.
"聖塔神記 トリニティトリガー"公式サイト

Visuals and character descriptions of " Cyan," " Eris," " Xanthis," and " Trigger," the main characters in the story, have been released.

Cian Erleus (CV: Taichi Ichikawa)

Sian Erleus.

Cian Erleus lives a quiet life with his sister Filne in Woodroos, a village rich in nature.
He earns his living by searching for treasures in a holy tower near the village, but one day he learns of his destiny as a "Warrior of Chaos" and becomes involved in a proxy war of the gods.

"聖塔神記 トリニティトリガー"公式サイト

Elise Quoys (CV: Kanna Nakamura)

Elise Quoys

She left a village of her own volition to save Cyan, whose life was threatened as a [Warrior of Chaos].
He wants to change the destiny that the Warrior of the Gods bears. ......?
He is also a natural in some areas.

"聖塔神記 トリニティトリガー"公式サイト

Xanthis Gerdine (CV: Ryota Iwasaki)

Xantis Gerdine

A priest in the service of the God of Order.
As a war priest, he is skilled in the handling of weapons and has passed through many ordeals.
For some reason, he has joined the ranks of the [Warrior of Chaos] Cyan, saying that he will protect her.
He is a mysterious man with a reckless and dynamic personality, whose thoughts are hard to read.

"聖塔神記 トリニティトリガー"公式サイト



A spirit-like being, it is born from the strong desire of the summoner.
Its form is molded to reflect the summoner's thoughts and wishes, and it aids the summoner by transforming into a variety of weapons.


The upper left image is Cyan's trigger " Fram " (CV: Yoshimi Obara), the upper right is Eris's trigger " Wiz " (CV: Ai Fayrouz), and the lower image is Xanthis's trigger " Rai " (CV: Shiori Izawa).
The voice cast is also incredibly gorgeous.
For more details, please check the character page on the official "Seitokami: Trinity Trigger" website!

Game system based on the theme of "3 discoveries

The game system of "Seitokagami Trinity Trigger" is based on the theme of " 3 discover ies", and the story progresses through various "discoveries" during your journey.
Once again, it seems to be a royal system based on the theme of important elements in RPGs.
The " Discovery of Battle " allows the player to switch between 8 different weapons and player characters to overcome crises.
The key to success is to "discover" the weak point of the enemy's weapon.

Discover the battle

Discovering the field " is the discovery of hidden pathways and other places that appear to be dead ends during the course of the adventure.
By exploring, you may find a new route and be able to go to a new place.

Discover the Field

Discovering a town " means that there are many new "discoveries" hidden in the conversations of the people you meet in town.
You may find that talking to people in town and returning to your previous town will change things, and that conversation may be necessary for you to get the most out of your visit.

Discover the city

The "three discoveries" will take you to a variety of locations, such as lush forests, icy snowfields, and deserts swirling with quicksand, all of which are essential for RPGs.
What kind of journey awaits you, you'll just have to play and experience it for yourself, because it's an RPG!

The Stage of the Story

The demo version is already available!

"Seitokami: Trinity Trigger" will be released on September 15, 2022 (Thursday)!
The game will be available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5 platforms, and both the packaged and downloadable versions will be priced at 8,580 yen (tax included).
The game will be released a little later than expected, but if you hear that it is a royal action RPG, you might want to play it, even if just a little bit.
The Nintendo Switch and PS4 versions of the demo version are now available for those who want to try it out!
The Nintendo Switch version can be downloaded for free fromMy Nintendo Store and Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch, while the PS4 version can be downloaded from PlayStation Store for 100 yen (tax included).
Play the demo version and check out the official Twitter (@TriTri_info ) and official website of "Seitokami: Trinity Trigger" for more information!
For more information, please check the official website of "Seitokami: Trinity Trigger"!


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