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"Gekisaka FC" for eSports players and YouTubers!


Gekisaka, one of Japan's largest soccer information sites operated by Kodansha, has launched " Gekisaka FC " to support people aiming to become e-sports players and YouTubers specializing in soccer. At the same time, the site began accepting applications for the first group of students.

What is "Gekisaka FC"?

The "Gekisaka FC" is a part-time job at the Gekisaka editorial office for 3 to 5 days a week, while working as an e-sports player and YouTuber.
While creating content for the Gekisaka website, they will also work as e-sports players and YouTubers with the support of the Gekisaka editorial department.

  • Actively participate in various tournaments as an e-sports player
  • Develop their skills as YouTubers by planning, editing, and appearing in original programs on the Gekisaka YouTube channel.
  • Appear as a soccer player on Gekisaka's YouTube channel.

Gekisaka FC will also be active as Gekisaka FC in its own way.
The "FC" in Gekisaka FC stands for both a football club and a fan club.

Professional support

With the full cooperation of professional e-sports player "Mayageka" (@mayageka1993 ), who has represented Japan in the "Winning Eleven" World Championships for three consecutive years GEKISAKA will back up the player's development.
The video team of the Gekisaka editorial department will also support the development of YouTubers. You can also receive advice from directors, broadcasters, video editors, and other professionals in the field.

No experience necessary.

You do not have to have any experience in video games or video creation to apply for Gekisaka FC.
The only requirements are that the applicant be a soccer fan and a Gekisaka reader.
After the selection process, successful applicants will become the first "Gekisaka FC" members.

Gekisaka FC Application Requirements

To apply, applicants are required to write a statement of purpose and personal PR, and send them by mail along with a resume. The following categories are open to applicants this time.

  • e-sports players
  • YouTuber/YouTube performer
  • Video production/video editor
  • Writers and photographers

It is possible to apply in more than one category.
If you have a social networking account, please enter your account name. If you are applying for the "eSports Player" category and already play "Winning Eleven 2019", please enter your user name, rating, and previous Winning Eleven experience in the remarks column.

eligibility requirements Men and women 18 years of age or older *Minors must have parental permission to apply.
・People who can be exposed in Gekisaka content (articles, photos, videos, etc.), competitions, events, etc.
Those who are not affiliated with any specific production company or office.
Work Location Kodansha (2-12-21 Otowa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)
Employment Type Part-time job
Job Description Creating and updating content for the "Gekisaka" website
Salary 1,000 JPY per hour
Working hours Approximately 5 hours between 9:00-22:00
Work 3-5 days a week
Some work on weekends
Application Deadline Must arrive no later than Friday, May 31, 2019
To Postal Code 112-8001
2-12-21 Otowa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Kodansha Ltd. 1st Business Bureau 1st Business Strategy Department
Gekisaka FC Selection Section", Gekisaka Editorial Department

Successful applicants will be involved in the activities of Gekisaka FC as well as in content production and updating at the Gekisaka editorial office, so soccer enthusiasts can develop their skills and careers as editors and working adults while aiming to become e-sports players or YouTubers. If you are a soccer fan, why not apply?
For more details, please visit Gekisaka.