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The "Ranking of Popular Companies for Employment" for 22 Graduates is released! The first place in the game industry is that company after all


Next-generation game consoles, fascinating game titles, and gaming devices that shine in 16.8 million colors are just a few of the things that have been introduced to stimulate gamers' appetites.
Just when you are happy to buy a new gaming chair, a new high-spec gaming monitor comes out, and you find yourself reaching for the "buy" button.
However, to buy something, you need money. In order to earn money and enrich my gaming life, I have to work hard.
I am sure that some of you have temporarily put up with the games you are passionate about and are looking for a job, but if you are a gamer, have you ever thought, " I want to work for the game maker of my dreams! Have you ever thought, "I want to work for the game maker of my dreams!
a job hunting information service company that operates the " AsagakuNavi " job hunting information site for new graduates, the " Re Shukatsu" job hunting and career change support site for people in their 20s, and the " Job Hunting Expo " joint corporate information session, has conducted a "Ranking of Popular Companies for Job Hunting" for students who will graduate in 2022. Gakjo, a job-hunting information service company that operates the "Re-Shakatsu" job-hunting support site and the "Job Hunting Expo" joint company information sessions, announced the results of its " Job Hunting Ranking of Popular Companies " for students graduating in 2022!
The most popular company in the game industry was, after all, that company!

Nintendo is No. 1 in the game industry!

Ranking of the most popular companies for employment

The game that exploded in popularity as a new means of communication as more and more people refrained from going out due to the Corona disaster was " Atsumare Animal Crossing " or " Atsumare Animal Crossing.
Companies and organizations designed islands and invited users to visit, or distributed their own designs based on the image of their products, making it a game that could be enjoyed not only by individuals but also by society as a whole.
Another popular title is " Ring Fit Adventure," a muscle RPG that was once the most difficult game to obtain as a means of relieving lack of exercise by staying indoors.
Both of these games are exclusive to Nintendo Switch, and the Nintendo Switch was so popular that it was sold by lottery.
These two game titles are representative of the year 2020, but you already know who the manufacturer is, don't you? That's right, Nintendo!
Nintendo was the most popular company in the video game industry for which we are hoping to find a job!

  • 6th Nintendo
  • 64th Konami Group
  • 70th Namco Bandai Entertainment Inc.
  • 101st Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • 106th Capcom
  • 136th SEGA Group
  • 140th Square Enix

Nintendo Co., Ltd. is ranked 6th in the overall ranking of the most popular companies for employment. In the ranking by gender, Nintendo Corporation was ranked third on the male side.
In addition to Nintendo, six other companies in the video game industry were ranked in the top 200. Did your favorite company make it?
For more information on the ranking of the most popular companies for employment, please visit the official Gakusho website.


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