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True Gaming Daddy Live!? "Goplay" is a hot topic now! It also supports popular titles such as Apex and Monhan!


A matching service where people pay to play games together online.
GameRoom," which imitates Nicee and is popular in Taiwan, was released in November of this year as a beta version.
However, GOPLAY NETWORK TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. released " Goplay " as a smartphone application in February of this year, and there are currently tweets that suggest that it is an 18 prohibited service.

What is "Gaming Dad Activity"?

Nicee," originally popular in Taiwan, was a paid game-playing matching service that mainly matched game players with other game players, not with members of the opposite sex.
However, "GameRoom" imitated Nicee's service and released a beta version under the name "Gaming Papa Katsudo," and the term "Papa Katsudo" quickly spread in Japan.

The word "Gaming Papa Katsudo" quickly became popular in Japan.
However, the concept of requesting gamers to play with you for a fee seems to be a good one, as it gives you the opportunity to play with professional gamers (professional e-sports players) and also increases the revenue channels for professional gamers.

Goplay" is 18 years old! A true gaming daddy activity...!


General daddy dating apps fall under the category of "Internet dating service," which means that you must be at least 18 years old to use them.
However, gameplay matching services are not dating services, so there are no age restrictions.
However, "Goplay" is not allowed to recruit players under 18 years old, and there is a gender selection field, which is similar to that of dating services.

On the official Goplay Twitter page, it is stated that "Finally, 18 is forbidden! and there are also notations on the actual service that are not appropriate for young people.
This is truly a true gaming dating app.

MonHun and Apex are also supported!


Goplay" is a true gaming dad activity, but what is surprising is that "Monster Hunter", "Apex Legends", and "Fortnite" are among the titles that are supported.

Removed from Google Play?

Google PlayGoogle Play

Goplay had been distributed on AppStore and Google Play, but currently the following URL is not accessible on Google Play's app page.

The reason is unknown, but we would like to keep an eye on how Goplay will develop in the future.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

Apex Legends
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The "Monster Hunter" page of "GameRoom", which is described as gaming papa activity, suddenly becomes 500 errors
The "Monster Hunter" page of "GameRoom", which is described as gaming ...

Access isn't made of the correspondence game title of "GameRoom" where β edition has been just released on November 1 (https://game-room.jp/) any more