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Gold, silver and treasures are located at the end of the underground cave! "Hearthstone" Mini Set "Dead Mine" released november 3!

地下洞窟の先では金銀財宝が!「ハースストーン」ミニセット「デッドマイン 」11月3日リリース!

Hearthstone, the world's most played digital card game, will release its newest card pack, "Deadmine," on November 3!

The theme of the pack is pirates, and there will be some pirate cards in the pack. If you like old-fashioned pirate decks, this might be the update you've been looking for!
As is customary, new cards will be added through mini-sets, but this time we can't wait to see how they will change the environment.

Also, it looks like pre-built decks will be available this time!
If you don't know which deck is the strongest right after the update, don't worry! If you don't know which decks are the best after the update, you can jump into the Ranked Tournament with confidence.

Outline of "Deadmine


The release date is November 3 (Japan time).

Thirty-five new cards will be added to the current lineup of the latest "Stormwind" card pack, but you can get all of the new cards by purchasing the update set for 1,840 yen or 2000 gold!

The new cards include 1 each of 4 Legends, 2 each of 1 Epic, 2 each of 14 Rares, and 2 each of 16 Commons, so if you already own some of the "Wind Gathering Stormwind" cards, purchasing the set is a more efficient way to get them all.
In addition, four "Battle Start Decks" designed to compete in the latest meta of the competitive scene will be available in the store for a limited time.
Like the "Dead Mine" decks, they will be available for purchase on November 3, and the deck list will be released on November 3.
The price is 1,840 yen, and only one deck can be purchased per account.
And be sure to check out the official Hearthstone blog on November 2, when all the cards will be revealed!

Enjoy Hearthstone!


Before, there was only the regular mode and the arena, but now Battlegrounds and Duel have been added, and recently a new mode called Mercenaries has also been added.
The variety of modes has broadened the scope of fun, and with Battlegrounds tournaments and official Japanese tournaments, you can feel the excitement of Hearthstone in Japan! We will keep our eyes on the Hearthstone competitive scene and further added content!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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