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YAGOO performs a dance in a yukata!? "hololive summer 2022" original theme song 2nd "Holomen Ondo" distribution starts!


hololive Summer 2022," a major summer event for the female VTuber group " hololive " operated by Cover Inc.
The event is currently getting a lot of excitement with the release of new swimsuit and yukata outfits for the performers, as well as original music based on the theme of the event!
The "hololive Summer 2022 " project has now started to distribute the second original theme song by the members of the " hololive IDOL PROJECT " idol project!


The second "hololive Summer 2022" original theme song "Holomen Ondo" is now available!

ホロメン音頭PR TIMES

hololive IDOL PROJECT " is an idol project by the female VTuber group " hololive ", a group of talents who "want to be idols with more people".
The " hololive IDOL PROJECT" members are participating in the "hololive IDOL PROJECT" and this " holomen Ondo" is the first Ondo song by "hololive"!
The song is now available on iTunes Store,Apple Music,LINE MUSIC and other music services, so please check it out!

Let's learn the choreography together with YAGOO!

In addition, " hololiveSummer 2022 MV Vol. 2" "Holomen Ondo" (Let's dance together, YAGOO Ver.), which was recently posted on YouTube, features YAGOO, the CEO of Cover Co. YAGOO", the CEO of "hololive", performs the choreography in yukata!
The music video is now available on hololive 's official YouTube channel, so if you haven't seen it yet, please watch it and tweet your thoughts on it with the hashtag " #Let's dance with YAGOO "!


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Swimsuit Costume Merchandise for
Swimsuit Costume Merchandise for "hololive Summer 2022" is now on sale!...

Female VTuber group hololive operated by Cover Inc. On August 15, Cover Inc. announced the sale of merchandise featuring such a swimsuit costume, Shiney Wave!

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