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From 18:00 on Friday, August 19, 2019, the online crane game "MOLLY. ONLINE" to "HOLOSTARS" belonging unit "UPROAR!! Collaboration goods of 》 are expanding!


A collaboration project between " HOLOSTARS," a male VTuber group operated by COVER Inc. and " MOLLY.ONLINE," an online crane game operated by AEON FANTASY Co.
ONLINE ", an online crane game operated by AEON FANTASY Co. a four-member unit from "HOLOSTARS", will be available as prizes in a prize game exclusive to Maury Online from 18:00 on August 19 (Fri.), 2022!

A limited-edition prize game featuring 《UPROAR! limited prizes are now available!

限定プライズPR TIMES

In this collaboration, a member of the new unit "UPROAR! !!" belonging to "HOLOSTARS members "Yajigami Fuuma", "Utsugu Karasuyu", "Hizaki Gamma", and "Rinoh Minase" will appear for the first time!
The lineup of goods includes cushions, tapestries, acrylic stands, and acrylic key holders featuring illustrations newly drawn by the four members, for a total of 11 items!
The deformed illustrations are by illustrator Leo Fujisaki(@p_fj02), and the life-size illustrations of each item in the collaboration prize lineup are by "UPROAR! member "Hizaki Gamma" will be in charge of the life-size illustrations of each collaboration prize item!
The limited prizes will be released on August 19, 2021 (Friday) at 18: 00!

Limited Edition Voice!

限定録り下ろしボイスPR TIMES

In addition, if you play at the booths where the prizes are available, you will be able to hear the newly recorded voice of UPROAR! You can listen to the newly-recorded voice of "UPROAR!
You can only listen to this limited voice if you play MOREY ONLINE, so take this opportunity to play!

Participating Talent Profiles

Yatogamifuma (@yatogamifuma )


I love sweets! Loves games! Loves to talk! She is a demon manya who loves human entertainment. He also seems to have a germophobic side.
He was asked to be a jack-of-all-trades and set up a "UPROAR ministry".


Hatsugiuyu (@utsugiuyu)


A transformable thief who loves beauty." He hears a rumor that "there is a treasure that only idols can get," and he wants to become an idol himself to get that treasure.


Hizaki Gamma (@hizakigamma )


A hyper-parapsychic manga artist who draws pictures while doing business in the underworld. He used to think that manga was "Psycho," but now he knows that idols who can sing and dance are also "Psycho," and he is aiming for even greater Psycho.


Rinoh Minase (@minaserioch)


A ghost who lost her life while still harboring her unfulfilled love for an idol.
Since becoming a ghost, he has been taking it easy every day, but at the invitation of "Seima," he decides to become an idol once again.
She is not fond of ghosts and scary things other than herself.


Collaboration goods


Outline of goods
Type Total 1 kind
Size 38 cm (length) X 40 cm (width) X 10 cm (thickness)
Material Made of polyester


タペストリーPR TIMES
Outline of Goods
Type Total 1 kind
Size 70.7 cm (length) X 50 cm (width)
Material Made of suede fabric

Acrylic Key Chain

アクリルキーホルダーPR TIMES
Outline of Goods
Type Total 5 kinds
Size Approximately 7 cm (length) X 7 cm (width) X 0.3 cm (thickness)

Acrylic stand

アクリルスタンドPR TIMES
Outline of Goods
Type Total 1 kind
Height when assembled Yorujushin Seima: 12.3cm
Hagitsugu Karasu: 12.8cm
Hizaki Gamma: 8.7cm
Rinoh Minase: 13cm

Twitter Follow & Retweet Campaign!

In addition, a campaign is currently being held on Twitter to commemorate the appearance of the limited-edition prizes of 《UPROAR! is currently running a campaign on Twitter to commemorate the appearance of the limited prizes of "UPROAR!
All you have to do is follow the official MOLLY ONLINE account(@MOLLYONLINE_of) and RT the target tweet!
If you enter, you will be entered into a drawing to win one of three prizes: "Yajigami Fuuma", "Hanetsugu Karasuyu", "Hizaki Gamma", or "Rinoh Minashiyo"! Tapestry with autographs will be awarded!
Entries will be accepted from August 18, 2021 (Thursday) at 16:00 until September 9, 2021 (Friday) at 23:59.


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