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"Identity V Fifth Personality" announces the latest information on DEATH NOTE and collaboration! The preview video of the new chapter is also released!

「Identity V 第五人格」がデスノートとコラボの最新情報発表!新章の予告映像も公開!

NetEase Games is the creator of numerous blockbuster games.
During the " NetEase Connect 2021 " broadcast on Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 20:30, the latest information on 14 titles by NetEase Games was revealed.
Among them, the most popular title was probably " IdentityV: The Fifth Personality," a popular asymmetrical multiplayer game.
IdentityV Fifth Personality" is a game that has attracted a lot of attention for its collaborations with various works, and at NetEase Connect 2021, new information about the collaboration event with " Death Note," which was recently announced, was announced!

Collaboration with Death Note!

In the collaboration between "IdentityV 5th Personality" and "Death Note", "Moon Yagami", "Ryuk", "L", and "Yamiisa" will appear as "Lawyer", "quot;Magic Lizard", "Prisoner", and "Mechanical Engineer" UR and SSR costumes. The "Death Note" collaboration will feature "Moon Yagami," "Ryuk," "L," and "Yaimesa" as the "Lawyer," "L" and "Yaimesa" UR and SSR costumes.
Enjoy the atmosphere of the "Death Note" costumes and make the most of the collaboration event!
The collaboration event between "IdentityV 5th Personality" and "Death Note" will start on Thursday, May 27, 2021! Wait for more information on the event!
The official Twitter account (@IdentityVJP) has also released a new video to coincide with this announcement, so be sure to check it out!

The main story will be updated in November!

At NetEase Connect 2021, in addition to information about the "Death Note" collaboration event, there was also an announcement about the main story update scheduled for November 2021.
In addition to the main storyline update, the event will also include a major server event, a new map and new characters related to the main storyline.
The new storyline will include details about the missing girl, anonymous invitations, and the story behind the diary, so look forward to the update, even if it is still a little ways away!
A new trailer has also been released, so be sure to check it out!

Identity V 5th Personality" will be held as an e-sport event this year as well, with the world championship " Call of the Abyss " to be held this year, and the Identity V Championship to be held twice in Japan as well. Even if you have never played before, why don't you take this opportunity to start playing?
For more information on "Identity V Fifth Personality," please visit the official website!


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