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The collaboration event of "IdentityV Fifth Personality" and Danganronpa finally starts!

「IdentityV 第五人格」とダンガンロンパのコラボイベントが遂にスタート!

The " Danganronpa " series by Spike Chunsoft is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2020, and " Danganronpa: School of Hope and High School Students of Despair Anniversary Edition" has recently been released.
As one of the 10th anniversary projects, a collaboration with the popular asymmetrical multiplayer game " IdentityV: The Fifth Personality " was announced, and now the long-awaited collaboration event is officially underway!

祝ダンガンロンパ10周年!「IdentityV 第五人格」とのコラボが開催決定!

Popular characters from Danganronpa will appear in Fifth Personality!

As part of the collaboration event between "IdentityV 5th Personality" and "Danganronpa," costumes of popular characters from "Danganronpa" will be implemented in hunters and survivors with abilities close to those of the characters.

UR Costume: Bonbon - Monokuma

UR Costume: Bonbon - Monokuma

The costume of Monokuma, the self-proclaimed headmaster of "Kibogamine Academy," will be available for the Hunter " Guard No. 26 Bonbon.
Bonbon's ability to use bombs and Monokuma's mischievousness are a perfect match!
In addition, the " Mono Mono Machine," a UR portable item, will transform the rocket chair in the manor into Monokuma's spaceship, recreating that Oshioki Time!

UR portable item: "Mono Mono Machine

SSR Costume: Demi-Bourbon - Shijiko Enoshima

SSR Costume: Demi Bourbon - Enoshima Shijiko

The "Survivor" Demi-Bourbon will be dressed as the "Super High School Class Gal" Shinko Enoshima.
If you wear the costume of "super high school class despair", desperate times may happen at the manor...?

SSR Costume: Lucky Child - Makoto Naegi

SSR Costume: Lucky Child - Makoto Naegi

The costume of Danganronpa's main character, Makoto Naeki, who has "super high school level luck", will be available for the " Lucky Child", a survivor who also has lucky abilities.
Will you be able to bring hope to the manor in the costume of Makoto Naeki, who never gives up without relying on luck alone?

SSR Costume: Martha Behamfel - Kyoko Kirikiri

SSR Costume: Martha Behamfel - Kyoko Kirikiri

The costume of Kyoko Kirikiri, the "super high school detective," will be available as the " Martha Be hamfiel" Survivor costume.
The calm and collected yet companionable Martha and Kyoko Kirikiri are the perfect match for each other.

And don't miss out on the bonus!

To celebrate the launch of the Danganronpa collaboration event, "IdentityV: The Fifth Personality" held an event reservation campaign.
All players who reached the highest number of reservations received 10 quintessence of collaboration and a Monokuma-designed limited edition icon!
Also, don't forget to participate in the in-game sharing event from May 28th, when the collaboration event started, to get the gorgeous bonuses!
This is a great opportunity for "IdentityV 5th Personality" players and Danganronpa fans who have never played "IdentityV 5th Personality" to get in on the action!
For more information, please check the official IdentityV 5th Personality website!


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"DANGANRONPA" series of the spike Chun Soft into which 10th anniversary of this year is received. Collaboration of "IdentityV The fifth characte

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