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Karaoke × eSports!? An esports room is born in the popular karaoke shop Jankara!


In recent years, the demand for e-sports has been increasing, and there are many people who have their own gaming space or facilities equipped with complete e-sports equipment.
Most of the e-sports facilities in existence today are open spaces, where you can enjoy the game only with your family members, and you may not have been able to enjoy the game aloud even when you win.
Jumbo Karaoke Plaza (Junkara), which boasts the largest scale in the industry in western Japan with 168 locations nationwide, will open Japan's first "e-sports room" where you can enjoy karaoke and e-sports with a full-scale gaming device at its Junkara Shinsaibashi store on November 29, 2021 (Monday ). The " e-Sports Room " will be introduced at the Shinsaibashi branch of Jankara on November 29, 2021.

A full-fledged gaming space with high-spec PCs

Gaming space with high-spec PCs

The eSports Room at JANKALA Shinsaibashi is equipped with 5 sets of high-spec gaming PCs and peripherals, and a gaming space where up to 5 people can play at the same time.
Below is the information of the installed devices.

Installed devices
Monitor ASUS
Headset Logitech
Keyboards Logitech
Mice Logitech
Controllers Logitech

Some of the titles that can be played require purchase, but a total of 12 games, includingAPEX, VALORANT, andFortnite, have already been downloaded!
And if you connect the video played on the installed PC to the 50-inch karaoke monitor and sound system, you can enjoy watching e-sports games and live streaming with a more realistic feel!

Let's play games, sing and have fun with your friends!

Karaoke x e-sports

Although we have introduced it as a gaming space, it is also equipped with karaoke facilities, so you can use it as a regular karaoke space as well!
When you win a game or take a break from the game, you can sing with your friends and have a great time!
And of course, you can also eat and drink at the restaurant.
The room fee is the same as the regular room fee.
Reservations will be available on the official e-sports room website from November 29, so be sure to check out the official website as well!


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