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Wilderness Action × The 2nd Start of the Seven Deadly Sins Collaboration! New Year costumes and vehicle skins also appeared!

荒野行動 × 七つの大罪コラボ第2弾スタート!新年衣装や乗り物スキンも登場!

NetEase Games presents " Wilderness Action," the most popular battle royale game in the world.
Season 15 started on December 10, 2020, and even though it is a cold winter, the game has become even more exciting.
While it is difficult to hold offline events due to the Corona Disaster, many e-sports tournaments have been held for Wilderness Actions, a smartphone battle royale game that can be easily held online, and the number of players seems to be increasing.
The collaboration with various works of art is also an attractive feature of Wilderness Action, and the first collaboration in 2021 has started!
A collaboration event with the popular anime "The Seven Deadly Sins" will be held!

What are the "Seven Deadly Sins"?

The Seven Deadly Sins " is a fantasy work written by Mr. Suzuki, the author of the famous golf manga " Rising Impact " and the famous figure skating manga " Blizzard Axel ".
The story is set in the ancient times in the land of Britannia, and depicts the battles between the Knights of the Seven Deadly Sins.
The original manga will be completed in March 2020 in Weekly Shonen Magazine.
The new TV anime "The Seven Deadly Sins: Judgment of Wrath" will begin airing on January 6, 2021 (Wednesday )!
The sequel to the Seven Deadly Sins, " Four Knights of the Apocalypse, " will be serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine on sale on Wednesday, January 27, 2021! Be sure to check it out!

The second collaboration has started!

荒野行動 × 七つの大罪 コラボ第2弾
Wilderness Action x The Seven Deadly Sins Collaboration Vol. 2

The collaboration between Wilderness Action and the Seven Deadly Sins will be held from January 1, 2021 (Friday, national holiday) to January 14, 2021 (Thursday, 23:59)!
This will be the second collaboration with the Seven Deadly Sins, and the costumes of "Meliodas," "Elizabeth," "Diane," "Ban," and "King," which appeared in the first collaboration event, will reappear. The costumes from the first collaboration event will be re-released.
If you didn't get them last time, or if you started Wilderness Action after the first collaboration, don't miss this chance!

Of course, new collaboration items will also be available!
In addition to " Ghostel " and " Merlin," costumes for " Escanor " will also be available!
In particular, Escanor's appearance and personality change from day to night in the game, so we have prepared day and night versions of his costume for the wilderness game as well. It's a very detailed trick.
In addition, as part of the 2021 New Year's Eve collaboration, Meliodas and Elizabeth will be sporting New Year's themed outfits.
Each has a fresh kimono-like design in green and blue, respectively.
In addition, a limited New Year's version of Hawk's companion and anOstrow companion will be available at the same time, so don't miss out on this opportunity!

The firearms skins include the HK50 gold rifle based on Meliodas' divine weapon "Lost Vein," theM27 gold rifle based on Elizabeth's image , and theAKM gold rifle based on Escanor's divine weapon "Ritta," the divine axe.
The appearance of all three guns will change at each of the three levels.
In addition, an orange gun based on Gowsel's divine weapon, the "Bow Harlit," will also be available!

True Love Demigod

The vehicle skins include a hideous gold car based on the image of Meliodas, who has become a demonic god, and a pop-cute gold car based on Elizabeth. Both skins change in appearance at each of the three levels.
There are also vehicle skins themed on Escanor's sacred weapon, the "War Axe Ritta".

The amount of collaboration skins available is so large that it will take a lot of effort to complete the set, but since it's New Year's, let's aim to complete the set!

Voice Casts by Gorgeous Voice Actors!

Speaking of the Seven Deadly Sins, the characters are also voiced by a cast of gorgeous voice actors.
This year's collaboration includes the voices of Hiroki Kaji (Meliodas) ,Amemiya Ten (Elizabeth) , andHisano Misaki (Hawk)!
Using the character voices on the collaboration skins may help you focus even more...?
In addition to the collaboration items, there will also be a number of collaboration-only events! And there will also be SNS events outside of the game, mainly on Twitter, so be sure to check out the official Twitter account Wilderness Action-"KNIVES OUT" Official(@GAME_KNIVES_OUT )!
Wilderness Action will continue to get more and more exciting in 2021. If you've been playing so far, or if you've been curious about it, this is your chance to start anew!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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