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The dragon and tiger of the case game world will participate! "KOF XV" new character trailer "Ryo Sakazaki" & "Robert Garcia" released!

格ゲー界の龍虎が参戦決定!「KOF XV」の新キャラクタートレーラー「リョウ・サカザキ」&「ロバート・ガルシア」公開!

SNK's latest title in the KOF series, " THE K ING OF FIGHTERS X V" (KOF XV), is scheduled for release within 2021.
Last time, we announced the entry of the overwhelmingly popular female character " Chris " and the formation of the Orochi team with Sha and Shelmy, which made fans who had been hoping for her return to the series go crazy.
Up until now, SNK's representative series "FATAL FURY" had announced the participation of Terry, Andy, Joe Higashi, and other main characters, while the other representative series " Fist of the Dragon and Tiger " had only announced Yuri Sakazaki and King, popular characters but not main characters. However, there is no reason why the main character should not participate in the game!
But why wouldn't the main character be in the game? The Dragon and Tiger of the gaming world will be joining the game!

社とシェルミーが参戦するならもちろん!?KOF XVの新キャラクタートレーラー「クリス」公開!そしてチーム発表!

The invincible dragon "Ryou Sakazaki" and the strongest tiger "Robert Garcia" will join the game!

The character trailers for Ryo Sakazaki, the main character from the "Fist of the Dragon and Tiger" series, and Robert Garcia, Ryo's best friend and rival, have been released!
This is the first time that two characters are shown simultaneously in a KOF XV trailer.
For the sake of convenience, I have labeled Ryo as the main character (Ryo was the main character in 1 and 2, while Robert was the main character in Gaiden), but personally, I think "Dragon and Tiger Fist" has both Ryo and Robert as main characters, so it makes sense that they were both shown in the trailer!
The CV of "Ryo Sakazaki" is Daiki Takakura from KOF ALLSTAR ! Robert Garcia is played by Gou Shinomiya, who is also well-known for his role in SNK's Zero-Samu no Furore Gaido !

Both Ryo and Robert are practitioners of Kyokugen-ryu Karate.
Both use a balanced combination of flying, anti-air, and rushing techniques that are typical of fighting game protagonists, but Ryo 's fighting style is mainly punching, while Robert's is mainly kicking.
Incidentally, since Ryo's moves include "Tora Kououken" and "Tora Roar" and Robert's moves include "Ryu Gekken" and "Ryu Fang," it is easy to think that Ryo is the tiger and Robert is the dragon, but Robert is the "invincible dragon" and Ryo is the "dragon" and Robert is the "dragon" and Robert is the "invincible dragon. However, the "Dragon Fist" is for Ryo, the "invincible dragon," and the "Tiger Fist" is for Robert, the "strongest tiger.
They are best friends and rivals, and they are meant to praise each other...but to be honest, it is a bit complicated.

As in the same division, there are many common techniques such as "Tora Kouken" and "Ryu Gekken" for flying, "Tiger Roar" and "Dragon Fang" for air attacks, "Haou Shoukouken" and "Ryuko Ranbu" for super special moves, etc. Ryo uses his fists, while Robert uses his legs. Ryo's techniques with his fists and Robert's techniques with his legs are unique.
The balance of techniques is good, and many people may have used the character that best fits their style of play in the series in the past.
I look forward to using both of them in this game to see what personalities they will each be given!

"Ryo Sakazaki" and "Robert Garcia"
Haou Shoukouken

King joins after 21 years! The "Dragon and Tiger Team" is formed!

Since Ryo and Robert's participation was announced, and Yuri was also announced, one would think that the three members of Kyokugen-ryu Karate would form the "Ryuko Team", but at the end of the trailer, a shocking announcement was made!
Ryo, Robert, and King have joined to form the "Ryuko Team "!
King has not been a member of the Dragon & Tiger Team since KOF 2000, so it's been 21 years!
What kind of story will unfold with these three? And will Takuma try to bring Ryo and King together? I'm looking forward to it!

Dragon and Tiger Team

Now that the teams have been announced, we are holding our annual " Dragon & Tiger Team Entry Memorial Campaign "!
Participants in the campaign will be entered into a drawing to win a very rare autograph from Daiki Takakura, who plays the role of Ryo Sakazaki, Go Yotsumiya, who plays the role of Robert Garcia, and Harumi Ikoma, who plays the role of King! To participate, simply follow the official SNK JAPAN Twitter (@SNKPofficial_jp ) and retweet the campaign tweet below!
The deadline is Wednesday, May 19, 2021, so retweet now!

Who will Yuri and Mai team up with?

With King joining the Dragon and Tiger team, it will be interesting to see who Yuri Sakazaki and Mai Shiranui, who have already been announced, will team up with.
Whether another female character will be announced and join the team of female fighters, or whether Yuri and Mai will be on separate teams, it's too early to predict! Let's wait for more news!
So far, five teams have been announced: the Hero Team, the Three Sacred Treasures Team, the Fatal Wolf Team, the Orochi Team, and the Dragon and Tiger Team.
Let's wait and see which character will be announced next!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

69151格ゲー界の龍虎が参戦決定!「KOF XV」の新キャラクタートレーラー「リョウ・サカザキ」&「ロバート・ガルシア」公開!
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Hum! pathetic! Kof XV's new character trailer "King" released!
Hum! pathetic! Kof XV's new character trailer "King" released!...

KOF series latest model "THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV (the king of and Fighters 15)" last time of SNK it's expected to sell within 2021 made fight game ind