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The long-awaited Void! "League of Legends" 160th new champion "Empress of the Void Bell = Ves" is here in patch 12.11!

待望のヴォイド!「リーグ・オブ・レジェンド」160体目の新チャンピオン「ヴォイドの女帝 ベル=ヴェス」がパッチ12.11で登場!

League of Legends ( LoL), a popular MOBA developed and operated by Raiatto Games, Inc.
In May 2022, the "2022 Mid-Season Invitational" will be held to determine the world's best team over a period of about a month.
In the meantime, it has been announced that the 160th new LoL champion, Belle-Veth, will appear in patch 12.11!

Belle-Veth, Empress of the Void

LoL", which currently has 159 champions, is well known for its well-developed worldview and storyline.
The new champion "Belle-Veth" is a long-awaited void character.

A beauty worthy of the name "Empress
"League of Legends"公式サイト

LoL" has a wide variety of champions, including beautiful men and women who use swords and magic, raccoons, crocodiles, giant statues, and beings larger than planets.
The Void is characterized by champions who look like non-human beings or creatures, and "Belle-Veth" may be in charge of beautiful women.

Belle Ves looks like...?
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But "Belle Vess" is a beautiful woman, and her appearance is changing rapidly...

Where is her original face?
"League of Legends"公式サイト

Her original beautiful face is now a shadow of its former self.

Where is her original face?
"League of Legends"公式サイト

And what emerges is a creature.
A kind of flying membrane spreads over both arms.

Belle Ves gameplay.

ヴォイドの女帝 ベル=ヴェス
Empress of the Void Belle-Veth
"League of Legends"公式サイト

I am the absolute. I know no mercy or weakness.

"League of Legends"公式サイト

バトルボス ベル=ヴェス
Battle Boss Belle-Veth
"League of Legends"公式サイト

The splash art of " Battle Boss Bel-Veth " is also available as a release skin.
Battle Boss" is a popular skin series based on a general "game" theme, and "Battle Boss Belle-Veth" is designed to look like an RPG rathbone.

Belle-Veth, Empress of the Void" has the following skills
It seems that by defeating some neutral monsters and enemy champions, she can change her appearance into her true form and fight.
You can see a video of each skill on the official "League of Legends" website.
Skill names and effects are subject to change before implementation.

Unique Skill - Lavender of Death After using the skill, the next two normal attacks will have increased attack speed. Also, each time he gets a kill or assist from a large monster or champion, he permanently gains an increased attack speed that stacks as "Lavender". Bel-Vez's normal attacks are faster than those of other champions, and his attack speed is not capped. However, his normal attack and damage dealt by his normal attack effects are reduced, and his attack speed does not increase as his champion level increases.
Q - Void Surge Dashes in one of four directions, dealing damage to all enemies it comes in contact with and applying normal attack-time effects. There is a separate cooldown for each direction. This cooldown is shortened by attack speed.
W - Heaven and Earth Slams its tail, damaging and knocking up any enemy it hits and applying a slowing effect. If this skill hits an enemy champion, a dash of Q - Void Surge in the direction of the hit champion will have its cooldown shortened.
E - Royal Storm Summons a storm that cuts through enemies around itself, gaining damage reduction and increasing lifesteal. Each attack by the slashing storm deals damage to the lowest-strength enemy in range. The more the target's health is reduced, the more damage it will deal. The number of cuts increases with the attack speed.
R - Endless Supper Automatic effect: Deals additional confirmed damage every time the same target is attacked twice with a normal attack. This effect stacks infinitely. Whenever a kill or assist is obtained from an Epic Monster or Champion, a "Void Coral" remains on the spot. Epic monsters from the Void, such as Rift Herald and Baron Nasher, leave behind a special "Void Coral".
Activation effect: The "Void Coral" is consumed and an explosion is created, slowing and dealing damage to surrounding enemies according to the target's reduced health. Consuming a "Void Coral" temporarily transforms the target into its "True Form". Consuming "Void Coral" left by epic monsters from the Void (Rift Herald, Baron Nasher) will increase the time spent in "true form" and cause defeated minions around you to become loyal "Voidlings" and resurrect. The "Voidling" is a minion that is faithful to its "true form". Voidlings are small minions that serve Bel-Veth and follow the lane in which they appear.
True Form: Releasing the "true form" increases maximum strength, non-combat movement speed, range, and total attack speed. While in "true form," the Q-Void Surge dash will allow the user to climb over walls.

Belle-Vez" has eliminated the attack speed limit that is the norm in "LoL", as she says she knows no mercy or weakness.
The new "Belle-Vez" will appear in patch 12.11, scheduled to be implemented on Wednesday, June 8, 2022!
Follow the official League of Legends Twitter account (@LoLJPOfficial) for the latest news!


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