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LoL's new event "Keeper of Light - Sentinels of Light -" will be held! Splash art is also available on Twitter!

LoLの新イベント「光の番人- Sentinels of Light -」が開催決定!Twitterにはスプラッシュアートも公開!

Raiatto Games announced that a new event, " Sentinels of Light, " will be held on July 9, 2021 (Friday ) in its MOBA game "League of Legends " (LoL).

Expanding to Other Riatt Game Titles

光の番人- Sentinels of Light -
Sentinels of Light

The " Sentinels of Light " is the first multi-month storyline for Liat Games, starting with the appearance of Viego in the "Road to Perdition" cinematic released in 2021.

The official LoL Twitter page has also released a splash art of the Keeper of Light.


In addition to "League of Legends," the event will also feature " League of Legends: Wild Rift," "Legends of Runeterra," "Teamfight Tactics " and "VALORANT." In addition to "League of Legends: Wildrift," "Legends of Runeterra," "Teamfight Tactics," and " VALORANT," new content will also be available for players to participate in their favorite Riot Games titles.
In addition, the Riot Games Social Impact Fund will allow players around the world to donate to charities in their local communities.
Stay tuned for more details.


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