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The live streaming service "Mildom" enables you to monetize distribution using Capcom games! Conclusion of a comprehensive contract


As of 2021, video distribution and live-streaming services are operated by numerous companies, not limited to YouTube. Among the various projects and genres that exist, "live game distribution" has been very popular since the early days of video distribution, and many viewers have probably seen it at least once.
I, too, look for the live streamers who are playing my favorite games, or conversely, I am interested in the games my favorite streamers are playing.

However, since game works are copyrighted works of the production company, some companies may prohibit the distribution of videos of games being played, or prohibit the distribution of games for the purpose of profit. Care must be taken when actually distributing them.

Now, Capcom's games can be distributed and monetized on Mildom, a new generation live-streaming platform focusing on games!

Monetized distribution of Capcom titles on Mildom is now OK!

カプコンがミレルダムPR TIMES

DouYu Japan, the operator of the " Mildom " live-streaming service, announced today that it has signed a comprehensive agreement with Capcom Co.
This agreement allows Mildom-authorized distributors affiliated with the corporation to use Capcom's works for the purpose of distributing for profit.

This agreement will allow Mildom to distribute Capcom's most popular titles such as "Resident Evil," "Monster Hunter," "Street Fighter," "Mega Man," and "Devil May Cry" for profit. Mildom will be offering more live streaming of popular series titles such as "Resident Evil," "Monster Hunter," "Street Fighter," "Mega Man," and "Devil May Cry!
If you have never watched a Mildom stream and are curious about your favorite titles, why not take this opportunity to do so?
You don't even need to register to watch the streaming service itself! (Membership and other virtues are required to use functions such as following.)
You can watch from the Mildom homepage or from the App Store orGoogle Play apps!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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