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Additional information on "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak" scheduled to be released in the summer of 2022 is released!


On Friday, September 24th, Nintendo Direct announced the release of " Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break ".
It seems that many new elements will be added to "Monster Hunter Rise" such as new stories, quest ranks, new fields, new monsters, and new actions that have never been experienced before.
As this is a huge expansion of the game, we can only expect great things to come in the future!
The latest information on "Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break" was revealed at "Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online"!

New and Resurrected Monsters

On Thursday, September 30, new information about "Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break" was announced on the official " Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online" program, "Capcom Online Program Monster Hunter Spotlight ". The new information was released on the "Capcom Online Program Monster Hunter Spotlight" program. We would like to highlight some of the information that was released.

Mel Xena, the silver dragon

爵銀龍 メル・ゼナ

Baron Silver Dragon Mel Xena

Mel Xena is the main monster that symbolizes the new "Hunterize: Sunbreak".
It is an old dragon species, also known as a Shaku-Ginryu.


"Monster Hunter: Sun Break" teaser video

Kamagani Shogun Gizami

鎌蟹 ショウグンギザミ

Sickle Crab Shogun Gizami

A large crustacean monster that carries the skull of a giant monster on its back, it first appeared in Monster Hunter 2 (dos).
It attacks its prey with long, sharp shears and a blade so powerful that it can easily gouge through the hard volcanic bedrock. On rare occasions, they also drop precious pearls.


"Monster Hunter: Sun Break" teaser video

Other monsters from the "Monster Hunter" series will also return in this title.
We can't wait to find out more about the main monster "Mel Xena" and what other monsters will return!

For more information, please visit the official "Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break" website and Twitter account!


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Steam Version "Monster Hunter Rise" will be released on Thursday, January 13, 2022!
Steam Version "Monster Hunter Rise" will be released on Thursday, January 13, 20...

The thing a hunting action game "monster Hunter rise" sells for Steam on Thursday, January 13, 2022 decided. So I'll introduce the feature of Steam ed