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"Ninjala" × "Devil's Blade" is a surprising collaboration! The 1st anniversary super-large event will be held


GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. develops and operates " Ninjara, " a competitive Ninjagam action game for Nintendo Switch.
The game, which has surpassed 7 million downloads worldwide, is a light and dynamic action game that is free to play and easy to play.

On June 25, 2021 (Friday), "Ninjara" celebrated its first anniversary! Congratulations!

In the "Ninjara 1st Anniversary Commemorative Broadcast" broadcasted to commemorate the first anniversary, various new information was announced under the title of "Ninjara 1st Anniversary Project"! According to the preliminary announcement, "We are planning to announce information on a major collaboration to commemorate the first anniversary." ...... finally revealed the details!

The collaboration between "Ninjara" and the popular anime "Demon Slayer" will take place this summer!

Ninjara" x "Demon Slayer" Collaboration Information Summary!

"ニンジャラ"×"Demon Slayer"
Ninjara" x "Demon Slayer
ニンジャラ -Official Site-

As part of the "Ninjara 1st Anniversary Project", an in-game collaboration with the "Demon Slayer" anime has been announced!
The collaboration will take place in the month of lacquer ......, which means that it will start in July!

Demon Slayer" collaboration period

July 20, 2021 (Tue) 11:00 - August 31, 2021 (Tue) 10:59

Take on the form of Sumijiro and travel around the metropolis!

【最新情報発表】ニンジャラ 1周年記念放送

This collaboration will feature a number of avatar items based on characters from "Demon Slayer"!
Some of the character coordinates were previewed on the "Ninjara 1st Anniversary Broadcast"!

Character coords based on the motifs of "Tanjiro Kamado", "Priestess Kamado", "Anzujiro," "Zenitsu Wagatsuma" and other Onigakurei members will appear in the game! Character coordinates will also be available!
In addition, items based on the motif of the biggest nemesis "Onimai Tsuji Musho" will also appear. ......
Will players themselves be able to dress up as Sumijiro and his friends and engage in fierce battles in the big city? We look forward to more information!

The "Tsuji" in Onimai Tsuji is correctly spelled with a single dot.

Teaser Movie!

The teaser movie of the "Demon Slayer" collaboration is now available on YouTube!
Tanjiro Kamado and other "Demon Slayer" characters are running through a big city in the "Ninjara" world.
The unique cartoon-like 3D model of the Ninjara design has a great impact! Demon Slayer" has collaborated with a variety of content, but this design is quite fresh, don't you think?

"ニンジャラ"×"Demon Slayer"
The "Demon Slayer" has collaborated with a variety of content, but this is a fresh new design.
【最新情報発表】ニンジャラ 1周年記念放送

"ニンジャラ"×"Demon Slayer"
And the "Nagi" of Mr. Tomioka is also reproduced!
【最新情報発表】ニンジャラ 1周年記念放送

"ニンジャラ"×"Demon Slayer"
Shinobu and Kanawo are also there!
【最新情報発表】ニンジャラ 1周年記念放送
"ニンジャラ"×"Demon Slayer"
Yum! Yum!
【最新情報発表】ニンジャラ 1周年記念放送

Ninjara TV #9 1st Anniversary Special

In addition, "Ninjara TV #9 1st Anniversary Special" will be broadcast live on YouTube Live and Twitter today, Friday, June 25, starting at 7:00 p.m.!
In addition to the information announced in the "1st Anniversary Broadcast," more campaign information for Japan will be announced!
Be sure to check it out!


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