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Nintendo Switch Sports, the latest in the Wii Sports series, to be released on April 29, 2022

「Wii Sports」シリーズ最新作「Nintendo Switch Sports」が2022年4月29日に発売決定

The latest installment of the hit Wii Sports series, Nintendo Switch Sports, was announced during Nintendo Direct 2022.2.10 and will be released on Friday, April 29, 2022. It is scheduled to be released on Friday, April 29, 2022.

Players can enjoy experiential sports with the Joy-Con!

The "Wii Sports" series includes the familiar "Tennis," "Bowling," "Chambara," and the new "Volleyball," "Badminton," ""Soccer" from this title. All of these games can be played by simply shaking the Joy-Con, and can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age.


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A "Shoot-Out" mode, which can be played by kicking, is also available for leg band players.
Leg bands are included in the packaged version.
The leg bands included in "Ring Fit Adventure" can also be used.
Nintendo Switch (OLED model)" or "Nintendo Switch" is required to play this software.
 Nintendo Switch Lite" is not compatible.


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The game can be easily controlled by shaking the Joy-Con as if it were an actual sport, so anyone can enjoy the game, regardless of whether they are good or bad at games or sports.

Online competition can be enjoyed in all disciplines.

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In addition to getting together with your friends and family and using the Joy-Cons to play together, you can also enjoy online competitions in all disciplines with players from around the world.
Online competition requires a subscription to "Nintendo Switch Online" (paid).

Change your character as you like!

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Collecting points in online matches will allow you to exchange them for new clothes, accessories, rackets, and other items.
You can also customize your character with these items.

Mii can also be selected.

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In addition to the Sports Mates that appear in this title, you can also select a "Mii" as your control character.

Aim for the top ranks in the Pro League!

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By winning more online matches, you can become a pro and participate in the pro league. By aiming for a higher rank, you can compete with rivals from all over the world.
There are also pro leagues for every discipline, so you can aim for the top of the league in every discipline.

Free Updates

After the release of the game, two free updates are planned. In the summer, a soccer mode other than the "shootout" will be available for players to enjoy leg hand-to-hand, and in the fall, a new "golf" game will be added.


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Online Play Test

An "Online Play Test" will be conducted exclusively for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.
The purpose of this test is to verify network-related technology, and the results will be used by the development team to improve the quality of the game.
In order to ensure that the full version of the game can be played with the greatest possible comfort, the "Online Play Test" is now accepting applications for participation.
The test will be held five times over two days on February 19 (Sat) and 20 (Sun), 2022.
For more details, please check the " Online Play Test " page.

Reservations will be accepted from February 10.

Pre-orders will be accepted from February 10 (Thu.) at game retailers nationwide, online stores, and My Nintendo Store.
If you are logged in with your "Nintendo Account", you can immediately pre-order the downloadable software from My Nintendo Store.

Product Overview
Release date April 29, 2022 (Friday)
Release standard Package version / Download version
Release Price Package version: 5,478 yen (including tax)
Download version : 4,300 yen (including tax)
Leg bands are included in the packaged version.


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