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Next-Generation PlayStation" PlayStation 5 " (PS5) Scheduled for Release in the Holiday Season of 2020
Xbox, the competitor of PS5, has announced that it will release the next generation Xbox " Xbox Series X " for 49,980 yen (reference price without tax) and " Xbox Series S " for 32,980 yen (reference price without tax) on November 10, 2020, so it is rumored that the release date and price of PS5 will be announced in the near future. The release date and price of PS5 is also rumored to be announced in the near future.
In the meantime, we have some new developments regarding the PS5!
We have started an email registration to be the first to know about PS5 product sales!

次世代のXbox「Xbox Series X」の価格が正式発表!「Xbox Series S」とのスペックの違いも明らかに!

My Sony ID is required to register.

PS5 product sales information email will be sent to your My Sony ID email address when PS5 product sales information (including pre-order information) is available at the Sony Store.
Since the Sony Store is the official Sony Store, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is the fastest way to receive the information, so if you want to be sure of your purchase, you must register.
Please note that My Sony ID is required for email registration, so if you do not have one, you will need to create one.
In addition, you will receive emails from the " @jp.sony.com " and " @mail.sony.jp " domains, so if you have set up your domain to receive emails from these domains, please make sure to allow them in advance!

Access is busy!

The editorial staff of Saiga NAK also tried to register for the e-mail, but the e-mail registration process is currently difficult due to the high volume of accesses. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. I will try to register in a few minutes!
Sony also says, "You can register at any time!"

You can register anytime!

For more information and to register via email, please visit the PS5 product page!


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PlayStation 5 peripherals now available! Headsets, HD cameras and remote controls!
PlayStation 5 peripherals now available! Headsets, HD cameras and remote controls!...

A peripheral device was also announced simultaneously with the body opening to the public of a next generation game machine "PlayStation 5" in broadca

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