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Energy capsule "PUSH" supports examinees! "PUSH for work" will be presented to 333 people!

エナジーカプセル「PUSH」が受験生を応援!「PUSH for work」を333名にプレゼント!

In this age of energy drink wars, Capsule Corporation's "PUSH" energy capsule series stands out from the rest.
The capsule form is easy to carry, easy to consume, and has zero calories. This revolutionary item is attracting attention not only from the e-sports industry, but also from all kinds of people.
PUSH" has also responded to this trend with "PUSH+," "PUSH for Game," "PUSH for Active," "PUSH for Work," and "PUSHzero&. PUSH for Active", "PUSH for Work", and "PUSHzero"", and has released products with different components to suit different applications.
PUSH is also famous for its "unlimited sponsorship" of small-scale online game tournaments to be held in FY2020.
As a result, "PUSH," which has sponsored more than 100 conventions of all sizes to date, has announced its next sponsor!
The next cheering audience is you, the students from all over the country!


We will do our best to support the students of the Corona Vortex!

This time, " PUSH " is going to give its full support to all the students who are preparing for the entrance examinations.
PUSH" will be holding the "PUSH Pray for Success" giveaway to support students who are struggling to pass exams in an environment they have never experienced before, as they have fewer opportunities to study for exams at the Corona Disaster.
To participate, follow the official "PUSH" energy capsule account(@pushbycapsule) on Twitter and retweetand like the following target tweets.

After that, fill out and submit the"PUSH Pray for Success" application form(https://t.co/8V7PVdMy36?amp=1) to complete the application process.
A total of 333 applicants will receive an original " PUSH for work " design, available only this time.
Please be sure to read the eligibility requirements and requests in the application form before submitting your entry!

PUSH for work" has been featured on Saiga NAK before, and we have used it, but the "PUSH+" with 200mg of caffeine has an "agitated" feeling, while the "PUSH for work" with 80mg of caffeine has a slightly less "agitated" feeling. The "PUSH for work" with 80mg of caffeine, which contains 200mg of caffeine, gives me an "agitated" feeling, while the "PUSH for work" with 80mg of caffeine gives me a " bright " feeling.
It also contains essential amino acid mix and L-carnitine fumarate, which are not included in "PUSH+," making it a product tailored for concentration.
"PUSH for work" will definitely help you study more efficiently! Keep applying!

PUSH" wants to support students who are facing the most difficult situation of their lives, and who are taking the entrance exam, the biggest hurdle in their lives, as much as possible.
For more information about "PUSH" products, please visit the official website!


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Easy and hard energy experience! Review push new products!
Easy and hard energy experience! Review push new products!...

"PUSH for work" "PUSH for active" "PUSH for GAME" appears on "PUSH+" from July 11, 2020. Surprisingly, it was possible t

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