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Sakura Revolution "Serial Video Vol.3 Oishi, Take Command" Released! The service start date is finally decided!

サクラ革命「連続動画 第三弾 大石よ、指揮をとれ」公開!サービス開始日が遂に決定!

The new Sakura Wars by SEGA and Delightworks, "Sakura Revolution : Otome in Bloom" (hereafter referred to as "Sakura Revolution"), is now available for download.
The information about the advance play trial event, which was an additional reward for the 150,000 pre-registration number, has been released, and it seems like we are getting closer to the start of the service.
Don't forget that the deadline to apply to participate in the pre-registration event, which will begin on December 6, 2020, is November 30, 2020!
With the two consecutive videos that have been released so far, revealing one after another the maidens of the Imperial Hagekidan and the Imperial Hagekidan B.L.A.C.K., there is even more new information!
On Friday, November 27, 2020, the " Third Continuous Movie: Oishi, Take Command " was released!

サクラ革命「連続動画 第二弾 現れた花組乙女」公開!全国の花組メンバーが登場!

Introducing the battle system of Sakura Revolution!

As the title suggests, the "Third Video Serial: Oishi, Take Command" introduces Yoshitaka Oishi, the commander of the Imperial Guards, but it is also an introduction to the battle system of the Sakura Revolution.
So that's what "Take Command" means.

In the video, the " Command Line Battle, " the battle system of Sakura Revolution, was explained along with the actual game screen.
The battle system of Sakura Revolution was explained in an easy-to-understand manner, including tactics, range types of Reiko dresses , the personalities of the maidens, and the " Reiko Talismans " that can be given to the maidens.
It is also nice to see that the Sakura series' familiar systems, such asLIPS and the ability values of the next battle going up or down depending on the conversation, are also included in the game!
When giving orders as a commander, consider the spiritual attributes of the maidens and give them instructions, and sometimes issue special commands to advance the battle!
When the Maidens are full of energy, they can use powerful special attacks, so use them as your trump cards in battle!

Special Attacks
『サクラ革命』連続動画 第三弾 大石よ、指揮をとれ

And now for the regular preview of the next episode!
You can see many new cuts along with Sakira Sino's narration in this preview.
The next episode of "Sakura Revolution " will be released on December 4, 2020 (Friday).

The service start date has finally been set!

Again, at the very end of the video, there is a " Special Announcement! " at the very end of the video!
I thought it was information about the additional reward, the Sakura Revolution reading play, but to my surprise, the service start date of Sakura Revolution has been announced!

2020年12月15日 サービス開始決定
Service will begin on December 15, 2020!
『サクラ革命』連続動画 第三弾 大石よ、指揮をとれ

"Sakura Revolution ~Hana-saku Maidens~" will begin service on Tuesday, December 15, 2020!
We don't have any information other than the date right now, but there are less than 3 weeks left until the service starts, so we are sure that more and more information will be released from now on! Let's wait for more information!

There will be a commemorative campaign again!

The last of the 10 major campaigns that have been running since the announcement of the last "Serial Movie Vol. 2: Commemorative Campaign" has come to an end, but there will be another campaign this time!
The 11th(?) of the 10 major campaigns The 11th(?) campaign, "Serial Video Vol . 4: Commemorative Campaign ", will be held this time!
Follow the official Sakura Revolution Twitter account (@sakura_kakumei) and retweet the following tweets to win one "Rie Tanaka's autograph card playing Nadeshiko Sakira" and five winners will win an Amazon gift certificate worth 5,000 yen by drawing lots! Five winners will receive a 5,000 yen Amazon gift certificate!
The campaign ends at 23:59 on December 3, 2020 (Thursday ), so retweet now!

Finally, the service launch date has been set.
The service has been very exciting so far, and I feel that the hurdles have been raised, but I'm just looking forward to it and can't wait to play it.
Next week, we will be releasing the fourth video in the series, so let's hold back our excitement and wait for the new information!
For more information, please check the official "Sakura Revolution: Hanasaku Otome-tachi" website!


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