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【Flash Report】ONKYO SHIDO's "SHIDO:001 & SHIDO:002 Bundle Pack" stock is back!

【速報】品切れだったONKYO SHIDOの「SHIDO:001&SHIDO:002 バンドルパック」在庫が復活!

ONKYO, a long-established Japanese manufacturer of audio equipment, has developed an e-sports brand " SHIDO ".
On July 8, 2020, the "SHIDO:001 & SHIDO:002 Bundle Pack" went on sale to the general public!
The product was a hot topic even before it went on sale, and unexpectedly it sold out immediately!
For those who have been waiting for the product to come in stock...and have no choice but to wait...if it is made by ONKYO and has those specs at that price...we have good news for you!

Finally, the " SHIDO:001 & SHIDO:002 Bundle Pack " is back in stock! They are now available for purchase!


Hurry up before they are gone!

SHIDOを手に入れはしゃぐPUBG大好きマン a.k.a ゆうちゃん
PUBG lover who rushes to get SHIDO:001 & SHIDO:002 Bundle Packs!
Saiga NAK

The " SHIDO:001 & SHIDO:002 Bundle Pack " is a set of the gaming headset " SHIDO:001 " and the USB control amp " SHIDO:002 ".
The price is 20,790 yen (including tax) for a set of two products with a cool design and high performance! And it comes with a 1-year warranty and free shipping!
We know many of you have been anxiously awaiting the return of these products to stock, so you may not have time to waste your time worrying!
To purchase, visitONKYO DIRECT, and for product details, visit the official SHIDO website!



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